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Official UFC 63 Thread

This is a discussion on Official UFC 63 Thread within the Sports Forum forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; So what does everyone think of the Card so far?...

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    Full grown Puffer Fish


    Official UFC 63 Thread

    So what does everyone think of the Card so far?
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    Pro Donkey smokinpoke's Avatar


    Re: Official UFC 63 Thread

    who's on it?
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    Can walk again.


    Re: Official UFC 63 Thread

    Just posted the card in the MMA thread.



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    Puffer Fish with some spikes VictimSix's Avatar


    Re: Official UFC 63 Thread

    Obviously I'm looking forward to the Penn/Hughes fight. I think Penn is gonna take it again I mean...he's pretty much better at everthing. Better stand up, good ground game, better subs. Hughes is the champ for a reason though. Swick/Loiseau will probably be a really cool fight, both are good all around fighters so it should be good. They put Rashad on the card now zzzzzz thats all I really have to say about any fight Rashads in. Little Evil is making his comback, any fight he's in will always be awesome. I hope he does well, and if the UFC uses him right he could actually be a headliner his fights are better then any UFC heavyweight/lightheavy weight fight. Jason Reinhardt is fighting on the undercard, he's a really good fighter and is undefeated, trains with Miletich and his bjj is awesome. I've rolled with him at a seminar once, he feels like your rolling with a middleweight or something, the guy has power. Hopfully he has a good showing and the UFC will have him back, he could really spice up the lw division. All n' all it looks like a really good card. And Pride Absolute is around the corner too, good time for mma.
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    .090909 icehog3's Avatar


    Re: Official UFC 63 Thread

    Penn/Hughes and Swick/Loiseau should be entertaining...looking forward to them!

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    You're welcome, Dave.

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    Best Bring Kryptonite! KASR's Avatar


    Re: Official UFC 63 Thread

    Pulver's Fight should be entertaining.
    Swick's fight should be good....he's going up against a decent fighter.
    Of course, HUGHES and PENN will go to war! Can't wait.

    + =

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    Huge Puffer Fish packed with spikes ky toker's Avatar


    Re: Official UFC 63 Thread

    Little Evil back in the cage. You have to like that. A small guy that brings a big punch. He's one of those fighters that you can expect an enjoyable fight the fight.

    I think I actually started using plyometrics in my workouts years ago after watching some of his workouts.

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