Hi Fellow BOTLs.

I struggled whether to do this, but have decided its worth posting this on here. I am attaching a link to a thread on a corvette forum that I frequent about a wonderful, sweet little 9 year old girl with terminal cancer.

I had the great privaledge to meet her and her family last saturday, as myself and about 15 other car nuts granted her wish of "riding in muscle car". Of course, she chose to ride in the Lambo that an incredibly generous guy brought to the event (he bought it 3 days earlier). We spent a few hours with her and her family and had a chance to give rides to her and her family for about an hour.

I cannot tell you enough how much of a life changing experience this was for me and the others who were able to attend. She is a beautiful, wonderful and brave girl who will be taken way too early from us unless there is a miracle. While she rode in the Lambo, her brother rode with me and it was a great, yet heart-wrenching drive listening to his stories about the sacrifices the whole family has to make.


Photos from last saturday are on page 3-4. You can read the details and tributes on the pages of this thread. FYI- I have the same name there- MTB996.

Why post:
1. Please keep this wonderful girl in your thoughts and prayers.
2. PLEASE find a couple dollars to contribute to her and her family, as they have accumulated tremendous debt in trying to beat this disease. The contibution info is on the 1st page and you can also contact forum member PRAY (ie. Brett) about an address to send a check. Brett organized this event and is an exceptional, caring, honest person.

Again, meeting this brave girl puts a completly different perspective on everything we do. I know that there are some very generous BOTLs here that have a couple bucks to throw her way.

Thanks for your support. Mods - if there is something wrong with this post, please let me know.