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Some good vibes for Shilala

This is a discussion on Some good vibes for Shilala within the Thoughts and Prayers forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; Scott, all the best bro. Hope you have a quick recovery....

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    Re: Some good vibes for Shilala

    Scott, all the best bro. Hope you have a quick recovery.

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    Re: Some good vibes for Shilala

    Here is to a speedy recovery.........
    Smoke-em if you got em

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    Re: Some good vibes for Shilala

    Quote Originally Posted by shilala View Post
    Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.
    I go for surgery on Tuesday. They're going to put some metal and screws in there, straighten things out and keep me overnight.
    When I get home I'm gonna eat lots of Vicodin and Pop Tarts.
    Ricky, Albert and Bao are teaming up to put me on a PSP so I don't die of boredom.
    I have no clue as to how soon I'll be up and around, but I'd be surprised if it doesn't take a good month to heal. I've been told 3 months and I've been told a year, but I don't have time for that.
    It's been a year since I had my back fixed, I can tell you things are sooooo much better Scott. Maybe not the right thread for it, but I just want to suggest that you take it easy for as long as possible - regardless of how much better you feel. Compared to many others I know who had significant back work, those that started moving around too soon, aren't doing so well. Those that took it slow are in remarkable shape. Sounds like you didn't have a choice but get worked on, you'll be feeling better the moment you wake up, trust me. But take it super slow, none of us are going anywhere.

    Thoughts and prayers bro.

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