Last February some friends and I drove down from New Hampshire to New Orleans to help with Hurricane Katrina relief building. We spent a whole week in an area of America that was completely foreign to us. We helped rebuild houses that were damaged from the Hurricane and I just wanted to encourage people that they still need volunteers. My friends and I are 18 and were not rich by any means but we could donate our time. The program that we went through is the United Church of Christ. If it scares you that it is a Church running it you don't have to fear. The UCC has a very good community connection in New Orleans that allows them to get many donations for supplies and they are connected to the people that really need the help. I am not part of their church but they were very accepting of different views and very gracious that we could help. I have some carpentry skills and other DIY skills that made me valuable for home repair, but if you don't have any skills they still have many tasks that need to be completed. The whole experience was a lot of fun and definitely a learning experience for a country kid from New Hampshire. So I am just asking if you have any spare time or even a spare $10 (not going to cigars ) to donate. They still need a lot of help and anything is appreciated.
2008 Hurricanes - US and Caribbean Response

My friend and I just completed putting in this floor.

Repairing some gusset work.

Abandoned house

It was a lot of fun and I intend on going again.
Thanks for helping people in need!