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Prayers Please!

This is a discussion on Prayers Please! within the Thoughts and Prayers forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; My Chrisie is been through some trying times lately with all the medical procedures her and I have gone threw. ...

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    I'm Back tobacmon's Avatar


    Prayers Please!

    My Chrisie is been through some trying times lately with all the medical procedures her and I have gone threw. My situation is under control and with allot of prayer and medication I hope things are on the right track for me. Only time will tell.

    My wife on the other hand has had more visit to many physicians and have many test remaining to see what is causing the problems she is having.
    We have a appointment for the cortisone shoots today because of 2 herniated disc and a Bone Marrow Biopsy on 4/07. So if everyone would take a moment to say a prayer for her it would be greatly appreciated.
    ViVat Jesus!

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    Pipe Smokin' Piranha DSturg369's Avatar


    Re: Prayers Please!

    Prayer up Paul!

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    Alpha Puffer Fish Bunker's Avatar


    Re: Prayers Please!

    You got it!

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    Nee "Tashaz" Mante's Avatar


    Re: Prayers Please!

    Knowing a little on your situation, Tash & I send our prayers out in the hope that you both get an end to these trials. Be well Paul & give Chrisie a hug for us.
    Refuses to remain the Droid they were all looking for.

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish eggopp's Avatar


    Re: Prayers Please!

    Having been through some trying times myself after a serious motorbike collision and subsequent injuries, a very long spell unfit to work, i sympathis(z)e and empathis(z)e with you at this trying time. Although not entirely religious i am a believer in prayer on occasion and my prayers during this period will be for a your wifes return to full health.

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    Alpha Puffer Fish Firedawg's Avatar


    Re: Prayers Please!

    Prayers are on the way.
    I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat.
    Edgar Allan Poe

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader dj1340's Avatar


    Re: Prayers Please!

    Best of luck, thoughts are with the both of you.
    The older I get, the better I used to be.

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    Leading Puffer Fish astripp's Avatar


    Re: Prayers Please!

    Be well.

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes saigon68's Avatar


    Re: Prayers Please!

    This too shall pass-prayers to follow.
    Be well always-the both of you.
    Common sense is rarely common.

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    Reindeer Goatcheese Pizza fireface's Avatar


    Re: Prayers Please!

    Sent. Be well.

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    The Mad Roofer Zfog's Avatar


    Re: Prayers Please!

    You will both be in my prayers. God bless

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    Leading Puffer Fish deep's Avatar


    Re: Prayers Please!

    God Bless, Paul. You will both be in my prayers.
    Drink a little Drink, Smoke a little Smoke

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader Cigary's Avatar


    Re: Prayers Please!

    Prayers and thoughts going your way as we speak, Paul.
    A mind is like a parachute...it works best when it's open.

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    No longer a community member.


    Re: Prayers Please!

    Was being done before you asked take care and hang in the Paul and Chrisie.

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    Huge Puffer Fish packed with spikes Reino's Avatar


    Re: Prayers Please!

    Hope the shots helped today. Praying for you and Chrisie!

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