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June 6th

This is a discussion on June 6th within the Thoughts and Prayers forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; 67 Years ago a lot of young men died on or about the Northern Coast of France fighting for this ...

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    Alpha Puffer Fish Bunker's Avatar


    June 6th

    67 Years ago a lot of young men died on or about the Northern Coast of France fighting for this country and out allies.

    I know public schools don't teach our kids about this anymore (which pisses me off to no end but that is for another day).

    This is just a reminder to give a few minutes thought to all those that died on that day.

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    Leading Puffer Fish jimbo1's Avatar


    Re: June 6th

    Thanks for the remider, a few minutes of thoughts and thanks to those who paid the ultimate price is the least we should do, God bless them and those who continue to protect us.
    If you F-up, man up, take responsibility for your actions

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    I make shit up. titlowda's Avatar


    Re: June 6th

    They will be remembers as long as we stay true to heritage and tradition.

    We had the Battle of Midway Ceremony on Friday with 6 Battle of Midway/WWII vererans in attendence. Each veteran was sponsored by a active duty member that would ensure they knew we would never forget about them and what they did for their country.

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    Scotch & Cigars


    Re: June 6th

    Well said Rick!

    God Bless.

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader primetime76's Avatar


    Re: June 6th

    These posts are great...in a world where we all too soon forget about our history we often need a reminder to "reign us back in". Thanks Rick!
    It is easier to ask for forgivness than to ask for permission!

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish Aficionado82's Avatar


    Re: June 6th

    Great Post! As a parent I know it is my responsibility to teach my kids certain things in life. We can not always depend on the school system to do a great job and teach them all the right things. My kids will always know about these important dates in history.

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader Cigary's Avatar


    Re: June 6th

    Amen...I will be visiting Normandy on Nov. 6 and will spend the whole day going through all of the Memorials and Sites...looking forward to this.
    A mind is like a parachute...it works best when it's open.

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    Alpha Puffer Fish Swany's Avatar


    Re: June 6th

    May we continue to give thanks to all the past, present and future servicemen and women for all that they have accomplished and still are accomplishing for the greatest nation, THE UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA.

    People say motivation doesn't last ... neither does bathing. Thats why we do it everyday.

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