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Pray for Peyton "P4P"

This is a discussion on Pray for Peyton "P4P" within the Thoughts and Prayers forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; Our 3 year old grandson, Peyton, was admitted to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital this morning. He is a cancer survivor. He ...

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes numismaniac's Avatar


    Pray for Peyton "P4P"

    Our 3 year old grandson, Peyton, was admitted to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital this morning. He is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with a grade 3 Anaplastic Ependymoma at age 6 months. (Fancy stinkin name for a brain or neural tumor.) He has endured more in his short life than most adults in their lifetime. He suffered a major seizure about 6 weeks ago and we thought he might go awhile before any more bumps in the road. Unfortunately, the shunt in his head that helps keep the spinal fluid levels in balance has malfunctioned. It made him horribly sick and he is scheduled for surgery tomorrow afternoon. If you only knew how sweet this boy is..... He is the light of our life for sure. We sure would appreciate prayers for comfort and success with the surgery. He has the top pediatric neurosurgeon at Vanderbilt operating on him tomorrow and we are blessed in that sense. Thx in advance,
    Ellen and Mark

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    Leading Puffer Fish usrower321's Avatar


    Re: Pray for Peyton "P4P"

    Prayers going out to the little fighter and your family. Stay strong brother.

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    Re: Pray for Peyton "P4P"

    Thoughts and prayers out for little Peyton and family.
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    ―Joe Walsh

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    ZK Master of Shenanigans kozzman555's Avatar


    Re: Pray for Peyton "P4P"

    Definitely will be praying for Peyton and the rest of your family
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    Dark Side avitti's Avatar


    Re: Pray for Peyton "P4P"

    will say The Rosary tonight and ask The Blessed Mother to watch over little Peyton

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    Wild in the Country Wildone's Avatar


    Re: Pray for Peyton "P4P"

    Positive thoughts and Prayers for all of you...And God Bless Peyton, Lord have Mercy....

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader Evonnida's Avatar


    Re: Pray for Peyton "P4P"

    Thoughts and prayers...

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    Puffer Fish with many spikes johnb's Avatar


    Re: Pray for Peyton "P4P"

    my prayers go out to Peyton, you and your family

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    Re: Pray for Peyton "P4P"

    Update 2-27. mc
    Hey guys, thanks and just to say I am so blessed and undeserving.
    I hate to type, and was teasing my wife about posting on here I was too weary, she is a real treasure and found my computer with my browser and pages open slipped on here and posted so I didn't realize this was here until I opened my e-mail today. I think I fell asleep before she did and it has been hectic since.

    Peyton is much better, The surgery was moved up to WEd. morning and went well, the shunt was clogged and replaced, he was released and home with Mommy and little Sis before noon Thur. the 23rd
    Thanks to everyone for your generosity and prayers, we were told after his first surgery about 3 years ago, by the surgeon and oncologist team that it was now in God's hands. So that has supported him/us since. At the time I was traveling all over the country and dealing with the public 60 to 70 hrs/week and was able to share my blessings/stories. He has a prayer network all over the country. Plus my wife is on Facebook, they have a P4P network she says (I just learned this). Now I have my forum friends, thank you so much
    During the first episode, when the Dr. was asked St. Jude's or Vanderbilt, said if it were his child it would be Vanderbilt. He was helicoptered there and come to find out this Neurosurgeon is where St. Jude's sends their tough cases. He removed a record size (grapefruit size) tumor from Peyton at 6 months old. He has endured about 18 months of Chemo. Every two weeks, it would last from 2-5 days, unless complications, hospital admitted each time, rested for a few months, then 31 days of radiation, that ended a little over a year ago. The tumor stretched ocular muscles requiring surgery on each eye. Total he"s had 8 major surgeries, countless procedures, yet he talks, interacts, walks (with slight deficiencies only), jokes, most anything all others can do with a few exceptions. Little ones are so strong, and his will is very strong. He has the sweetest disposition, and a sense of humor. He is so tough it makes it hard for me to complain, even with all my pain, we joke and call each other "poopoo boy" or "poopoograndpa". One of my teasing sarcastic comments when somebody is complaining.
    Thanks again, with some luck he will be ok to travel to our youngest daughters wedding and anyone there can see how he is. Charleston in May and we all plan on going, I was planning on warning anyone in the area and bring a few cigars to slip off and share with some new forum friends. Thanks again, enough for now, this took me a couple hours off and on, hehe, Mark

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish rocketmann82's Avatar


    Re: Pray for Peyton "P4P"

    I'm glad to hear the little guy is alright and at home. I'll add him in my prayers for continued recovery.

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    Dark Side avitti's Avatar


    Re: Pray for Peyton "P4P"

    Glad to hear the good news.Will say a few more P4P tonight.

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    Scotch & Cigars


    Re: Pray for Peyton "P4P"

    Prayers are with the little guy! What a courageous kid.


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