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My mom passed away...

This is a discussion on My mom passed away... within the Thoughts and Prayers forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; And it was expected and I always thought it was cliche, but she is in a better place. She passed ...

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    My mom passed away...

    And it was expected and I always thought it was cliche, but she is in a better place. She passed in her sleep at about 5am on Feb 22, 2012.

    What happened after that, although not really surprised when looking back, but still a mind f*uck because it did. The passing was completed by a text message from a cousin, although my mom's mother, brother, and 3 sisters were all in the immediate area. My sister is in Colorado and I am in Philly.
    So after my sister calling me, I left work and made plans to fly to NC on Thursday.....

    I get to my uncle's house, knock on the door and he answeres and before I can say anything....he says "your mom will not have a service, she will be cremated and her ashes will be sent to your sister and you are not welcome here or (and he names most of the other relatives in the area)" and shuts the door....literally I did not say one word.

    I did what might be the smartest thing I have ever done...I walked back to my rental car, went back to the motel and flew back to Philly........

    After my dad committed suicide back in 2010, I didnt think it could get much worse.....due to family issues, there was not a lot of sadness when he hung himself, there was an estrangement....but he did it 2 days after I had visited him at the behest of my mother...it almost seemed like he had one last "box" to check off......

    Back to what transpired last week......the animosity goes all the way back to before I was born....they hated my father....but thats for another day.........thanks for....well you know
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    Re: My mom passed away...

    Damn! Tony, sorry for the loss but I kind of understand the situation you are in, I thought I was the only one with a ****ed up family when my parents passed ten years ago.

    Ten years pass and I have seen that I am not alone more than once. Celebrate life and any good memories with a smoke and a sip or more of a favorite beverage, life goes on and it is the mission of most to leave good memories to those that survive us.
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    Re: My mom passed away...

    Wow dude, that sucks. Sorry for your loss. Not much more you can say.
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    Re: My mom passed away...

    Wow Tony!! That's horrible!!!! I don't think I could've remained that calm....in fact...the way that went down makes my blood boil! I'm truely sorry for your loss bro!!

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    Re: My mom passed away...

    Wow, Tony. You seem like such a cool guy in chat, I never would have expected this was going on in the background. Sorry for the loss and take care man.

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    Re: My mom passed away...

    We are here for you brother, if you need family... Well you got it right here @ puff.com you can always find us VHERFing at night, join us if you need to chat.

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    Re: My mom passed away...

    So sorry for your loss Tony.
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    Re: My mom passed away...

    Tony, I know these words may sound hollow coming from a stranger, but the truth of the matter is that nothing can touch the memory of your Mom as you keep her in your heart. Let all that has followed her passing move over you like a brief summer shower, and grieve with your sister until it does.

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    Re: My mom passed away...

    Sorry for your loss brother, prayers and thoughts sent for you. Hope one day you can mend the issues in your family, I give you credit for walking away and being the bigger person during a difficult time, thanks for sharing, stuff like this always helps but things in perspective and how thankful we should all be every day for what we have.
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    Re: My mom passed away...

    Tony, so sad to hear this. You are a better man than I, I would have slugged that c**ksucker in the face.

    Prayers sent to you brother.

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    Re: My mom passed away...

    Sorry about your loss, brother. Remember, your "family" does not have to be just blood relatives.
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    Re: My mom passed away...

    Wow, I don't know what to say about that, so horrible. My prayers will be with you though.
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    Re: My mom passed away...

    Moms are special,so sorry for your loss.It's a shame you can't pick your blood relatives especially ones that are so callous.Your uncle has a lot to answer for and one day he will.

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    Re: My mom passed away...

    Wow, what a rotten thing your uncle did to you. And what a controlled response you had. Congrats to you... you are an example to the rest of us.

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    Re: My mom passed away...

    sorry for your loss brother. as was said a few times above, family isn't only blood. this community is here for you. god bless you for not knocking your uncle on his a$$, i would have. you're a better man than most.

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