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Just need some encouragement.

This is a discussion on Just need some encouragement. within the Thoughts and Prayers forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; Originally Posted by V-ret He's a good person and called me about an hour ago to make sure I was ...

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    Re: Just need some encouragement.

    Quote Originally Posted by V-ret View Post
    He's a good person and called me about an hour ago to make sure I was doing alright.
    A sure sign of a good LCPO. Glad to hear it. Also glad to hear that you took that first step there shipmate. That takes strength and smarts. It's not an easy step to take, but it makes taking the next step easier. I was Navy for 11 years (USS Goldsborough, USS Port Royal, Pear Harbor Shipyard) and saw all too many go down the rabbit hole keeping things bottled up. You've always got a shipmate here if you need someone to vent at. I promise I'll only give you a little bit of crap about being a brownshoe.

    Take Care Brother.

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    Re: Just need some encouragement.

    Quote Originally Posted by V-ret View Post
    I'm in the Navy, so he's my Leading Chief Petty Officer (LCPO). Sits behind me in our office and just makes sure things are getting done. He does a lot more work than what he should do, but that's just the type of guy he his. He's a good person and called me about an hour ago to make sure I was doing alright. My meeting is tomorrow at 1330 so I'll find what there is available for me then.

    I just want to find a way to calm myself down, hopefully this will begin tomorrow. Thanks again for all the support! It does make me feel better
    Hey Bro
    What Darrel said is great advice when I was getting help myself one of the things I had to do was write a daily journal. It did help a lot. I also am here if you need me including phone or pointing my rig to Nevada first if a smoking pal would help. Great job on recognizing the need and asking for help big balls buddy very proud to know you today!

    Be Well


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    Re: Just need some encouragement.

    Dave, Darrel, Eric, Jessica and everyone else that has posted thus far. You all are the reasons why I love this place! For all of you to give your support, advice, and call anytimes you all are simply amazing people. It truly is heart warming to know that you all care. The journal idea is a good one and something that I can start tonight.

    I'm still nervous but I will be thinking about everyone support tomorrow!

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    I'm watching you.


    Re: Just need some encouragement.

    Just don't tell your counselor your crazy friends like to bomb you.

    "Only fine cigars are worth smoking, and only men who smoke fine cigars are worth kissing." -Joan Collins

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    Re: Just need some encouragement.

    Hang in there Bro.
    You're on the right track by getting help, and for what it's worth, I'm proud of you.
    We're all here for you; and tomorrow when you have that appointment, we'll be with you in spirit.

    Just try to relax Brother, everything's going to work out.
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    Drive a VETTE

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    Re: Just need some encouragement.

    Well brother no doubt you did the right thing on all accounts. Your willingness to face it and handle it means you can beat it. I will say I'm impressed with a work environment where you felt comfortable enough to go to your Chief. GOD Bless
    Good people sleep peaceably in their bed at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf

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    Re: Just need some encouragement.

    Hang in there Jeremy. Ill keep you in my prayers. If you ever need to vent via PM don't ever hesitate to hit me up! Everyone struggles with soemthing you're not alone! Reach out reach out reach out!
    "I'm sure everything will be fine if we win, but if we start losing, I'm shooting." - Michael Jordan

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    Re: Just need some encouragement.

    Thanks again. My first meeting took a lot longer than it was scheduled for, but I vented about everything that gets on my nerves, and figured out that the stress I'm under is actually causing most of my problems. There is no way to get rid of this stress right now, but we worked on breathing (she actually encouraged me to go smoke!) she said that if I really feel I need a cigarette to take a puff, then take slow deep breaths then take another one. I can do that, I told her that I want to quit smoking (cigarettes) but wanted to get myself under control first and that would be next.

    I have an anger management workbook that I will start on tonight. I have signed a contract (not official) that states I will not get angry or stress between the hours of 0640 - 1700. Basically my work day. I am going to try my hardest but this is the place that is causing me all my problems. I got faith, and a good breathing technique so hopefully it will all work out. I explained to Chief my contract and he is on board for allowing me the space I need if I get stressed/angry.

    1 whole working day that I am stress/anger free, this is something that I have wanted for a while and the dream sounds great. I hope it turns out like this.

    Thanks again everyone. I have to go volunteer with setting up the haunted hay ride and haunted house so I won't be back on till about 2000. Helping the community really seems like a good way to de-stress!

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    Re: Just need some encouragement.

    best of luck, reach out if further help is needed

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    Re: Just need some encouragement.

    If I could make a suggestion.. why not make a different promise that might be a bit easier to get into and then go from there? Instead of trying to prevent anger in your hours, make the promise that you won't show that anger at home, I'm not saying to keep it in or anything, but to leave it at the work, to kind of separate those periods of your life. Then, after you've got that going, try to set it up so you won't let the stress from let's say the first hour of work get to you, and then from there keep going. Make small improvements. Separating those two parts of your life from each other so you can disengage like a missile when it gets near home might be a good idea for you.

    That's just a thought.


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    Leading Puffer Fish V-ret's Avatar


    Re: Just need some encouragement.

    I feel you, this is the first thing in the workbook. Counselor had me sign it and my wife witnessed it when I got home. I'm willing to try, I have 2 chapters I need to get through before my next meeting. I also need to work on calling co-workers by their name, I call friends mother F'r, or B***C, in a joking way, but we talked about how it is disrespectful to them and even if they don't care I loose their respect when I do it. It makes sense to me. Got a lot to work on with myself but I'm trying to get it done.

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    Re: Just need some encouragement.

    Great Job Brother, Lots of Love to go around here bro, Way to start strong!

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    Re: Just need some encouragement.

    Jeremy, great advice given already, so I won't echo that... and I don't know if you're an outdoors person or not (i'm not hardcore or anything), but I do find that when times are stressing me out, one of the best things I can do is take a walk in nature (maybe bring a cigar) and just kinda let things go for a little while, it helps clear up the head and maybe reprioritize things in life... good luck bro!

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    Re: Just need some encouragement.

    It is one of the hardest things to do in life to finally admit you need a little help. Good for you for seeking it. Best of luck
    Sir Reverend David_ESM Esquire, Bomb Squid Extraordinaire, the all knowledgeable one, Grand Poobah, Korean Pop Hipster, Butt Dryer, Douchebag... M.D.

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