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St. Martin

This is a discussion on St. Martin within the Travel Forum forums, part of the Non Cigar Related Specialty Forums category; Recently did a 7 day Carnival from Port Canaveral to St. Martin with stops in Nassau and St. Thomas. Keep ...

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    St. Martin

    Recently did a 7 day Carnival from Port Canaveral to St. Martin with stops in Nassau and St. Thomas.

    Keep inching our way in a more southern direction on each.

    In St. Martin - rented a driver with taxi van for a half day and did tour of city along with six other couples. For some reason, these areas are just beautiful. Residents are extremely friendly, out going and courteous.

    Went to the beaches and also the beach where the wild ones hang on for dear life to the security fence as they experience the jet blast from the 747's and 737's departing St. Julianna international airport. Didn't see any cars/vans/buses brave the jet blast though, think they would have rolled off highway, across beach into the ocean.

    One 737 on approach came in over the beach and had I been standing directly beneath it I think I could have hit it with a baseball - that's how close he was on final, only seconds from touchdown. I could see the co-pilot was wearing a white shirt and his head was not fixed on the beach but what was straight ahead.An amazing site for sure.

    This is known as one of the 10 most dangerous airports in the world. Driver said the week before on takeoff a 747 turned left departing the airport and blew down security fences, and windows from cars parked on the right side of the airport. The standard departure turn is right according to him.

    Carried my own sticks and didn't see anyone else with a cigar during the cruise or on land. Therefore, I guess I'm in the minority and have been for quite some time.

    Spent the following week driving Miami, alligator alley, back up to Naples, Ft. Meyers, looked around in The Villages and got home last night. Driving alone we totaled a little over 1,800 miles by car.

    A good trip.

    Now, we anxiously await the arrival of our first granddaughter to the family

    Take care .....
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    Re: St. Martin

    We spent 2 weeks in St. Maarten a few years back and will be visiting again in June for 2 weeks. I brought my own sticks. There are a few reputable cigar stores on the island where you can get CCs. We hung out on the beach across from the airport to experience the jetblast. It was fun but dangerous. A few pilots tend to get as close as possible to the fence and delay releasing the brakes on takeoff to extend the experience. People have been seriously injured in the past so they don't permit hanging on the fence anymore.
    I'm glad you had fun ...
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