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NOVA Retailer to be Avoided - Mold.

This is a discussion on NOVA Retailer to be Avoided - Mold. within the Virginia forums, part of the Members and Places to Smoke by Area category; Just a "public service announcement." So, at the beginning of the week, I went to a local B&M that I ...

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    NOVA Retailer to be Avoided - Mold.

    Just a "public service announcement."

    So, at the beginning of the week, I went to a local B&M that I happened to know carried a particular cigar that I really wanted to get for someone who I thought might not have tried it yet - the LFD Cameroon Cabinet. I go in, check out the LFDs, and notice the humi smells moldy. Then I look at the cameroon cabinets, and they ARE moldy. All of them!

    I was going to tell the people working there, but there were what looked like regulars standing around smoking, so I didn't want to embarass anyone or start a scene, and told myself I'd write them an email.

    So I got home, sent them an email to let them know. I expressed my disappointment and said they should really take care of it, and tried to be as friendly ("hey just letting you know") as possible.

    They never responded, so I can only assume they don't care about what their customers have to say, so that is why I am going to advise other people not to go there.

    It is the Old Virginia Tobacco Company in Seven Corners.

    Now I like the other location I've been to, and the people working at this one are nice, but have heard that a lot of people don't go to the Dulles location anymore (price reasons I think?).

    Either way, I will not go back there unless I am seriously desperate for some Tempus.
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    Re: NOVA Retailer to be Avoided - Mold.

    Andrew, everyone I've dealt with at OVTC has been uber nice and bent over backwards to help me, even over the phone. Call and speak with the manager of that location and tell him your concerns. They need to know!

    Mold is a pesky spore, espeicially with the system they use. Once it makes its way to the filter and the misters, they're sunk!

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