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Looking for a casual indoor/outdoor watch

This is a discussion on Looking for a casual indoor/outdoor watch within the Watches forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; So, about a year ago when I last bought a watch there is a reason I went with a $30 ...

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    Looking for a casual indoor/outdoor watch

    So, about a year ago when I last bought a watch there is a reason I went with a $30 watch. I used to collect what I could in my price range (fashion watches), and I knew that if I bought a decent watch it would reawaken my love of watches (I'm a pretty typical guy, I love gadgets, and watches are some of my favorite gadgets). Well, sure enough, when I bought my nice Citizen Eco Drive the other day, it reawakened my love of watches. I'm buying some watch tools so I can change batteries and make minor repairs to my existing watches myself and have a small rotation of watches again, but it is long past time to add some more watches to my meager collection.

    I want to hit one or both of the biggest holes in my collection, or buy a nicer dive watch. I have a couple really nice looking dress watches among my "fashion" watches (a leather band Peugeot and a leather band Kenneth Cole). I have a ton of stainless and leather banded watches that can be dressed up or down (the core of my "collection" are several decent all around watches). However, for someone who loves the outdoors, it is a glaring hole that I don't currently have an outdoors watch. I also don't have a chrono, and as a teacher it would come in handy (many parts of my lessons are timed so I can hit everything I need to hit, and while mentally keeping track of the time works since it rarely has to be to the second, and a dive watch with the moving bezel works as well, a chrono would be nice).

    I would like a good outdoors watch. It doesn't have to specifically be a field watch or anything, but I want something pretty sturdy so I don't just wear my cheaper watches when camping. I am looking at field/active watches and dive watches for this (I have a couple cheap dive style watches- two Guess watches and a Peugeot, but I'm looking for something a little more sturdy). It would be really nice to find something sturdy for this use that is also a chrono. I am looking primarily for something with a fabric or rubber watch band. If I buy leather I would probably swap it out since leather gets pretty nasty when wet, and I sweat a lot, so leather bands are pretty much reserved for dress watches for me.

    I'd prefer to be $50-100, but I can go to $150, and $200 is my absolute max.
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    Re: Looking for a casual indoor/outdoor watch

    Here's what I primarily have in mind:

    I love Victorinox and still don't have one, so a few of theirs are high on my list (all recently discontinued models to bring down the cost).
    -Victorinox Maverick II (241085), probably the green accent Chrono with a rubber watch band though I'd consider other colors and features (as long as it is a discontinued model since the current ones are out of my range). These are the only watches on my list with a sapphire crystal, but they are also the most expensive I'm considering (even with the discontinued models of the Maverick II, I'll be near $200).
    -Victorinox ST1500 (24132).
    -Victorinox Summit XLT Crono (24010).

    Wenger makes a good and fairly rugged watch, they are one of the two Swiss Army/Swiss Military approved companies. They have several models available in the $70-120 range.

    The Seiko 5 automatic watch (SNK809) with a black fabric strap is currently available on Amazon for under $60, making it probably the best overall deal of the bunch.

    While the quality may not be up there with some of the others, Timex makes a decent basic watch. I'm considering several models in the Field watch series and Expedition Trail watch series in the $50-70 MSRP range (probably $25-50 real prices). I will be going with just a basic watch if I go this way as it seems the more features the more issues with these watches, but the basic time and date watches are decent.

    Outside of field type watches, I'm considering the following:
    -Orient Black Mako with the rubber strap.
    -Seiko Arctura Black Rubber Strap Chronograph (SNN243P2). The chrono would be nice though it may not be as durable for camping and other hard use as the others.
    -Seiko Black Monster with the Polyurethane Strap, though at around $150 from the cheaper sellers, the price is getting up there and I may prefer one of the Victorinox at that range.
    -One of the many Invicta Pro Diver options. Probably one of the $100ish automatic Rolex Submariner homage options.
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    Re: Looking for a casual indoor/outdoor watch

    Oops, I put this in the wrong thread:

    I'm adding the Alpha Submariner homage to my list, and the Timex Weekender (yeah, it isn't specifically an outdoors watch, but the nylon NATO style band and cheap price tag make it a good candidate for a beater/outdoors watch).

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