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Cigarettes Search Results

Your search for Cigarettes located the below Cigarettes Search Results. The Cigarettes Search Results are returned from stories published by Puff publishes stories covering Cigarettes news, Cigar Reviews, Cigar News, Cigar Forums, Cigar Videos, Cigar Interviews and more!

Written by: Gary J. Arzt itself from cigarettes, in the public’s eye, more than three (3) decades ago? Nick Perdomo replied: I wouldn't say it failed itself, even though it was before my time in the industry. An...
Word count: 1416
Written by: Staff
#... roll their own cigarettes. "It's so cool to be able to keep going the oldest tobacco shop in America," Shand said....
Word count: 1077
Written by: Staff
#...ars, as well as cigarettes. A search of the vessel turned up 26 specialized compartments built for smuggling, prosecutors say. That find lead agents to a storage facility where they say they fo...
Word count: 236
Written by: Staff
#...ate Bogart with cigarettes, he did puff on cigars in films such as "The African Queen" and "The Maltese Falcon." DeVries believes cigars have been unfairly linked with cigaret...
Word count: 506
Written by: Staff
...ched to cigars. Cigarettes are an addiction, he says. "Cigars are a lifestyle. It makes you slow down and enjoy things . . . forces you to kick back and relax. Living here in Silicon Valley,...
Word count: 1272
Written by: Staff
...r every pack of cigarettes, bringing the total tax to $2.75 — the highest in the country and well above the national average of $1.11. It’s a siege on smoking that appears to be picking up st...
Word count: 333
Written by: Kevin Godbee one brand of cigarettes. Cigar smokers are like wine drinkers. They always have their favorites, but they always want to try different cigars. If you are a real cigar smoker that is what you do. ...
Word count: 2700
Written by: Staff
#...ost kids smoked cigarettes, I smoked cigars," he said. "It's my passion, cigars." His passion for cigars means he travels to the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua to fin...
Word count: 456
Written by: Staff might smoke cigarettes so even though the more modestly priced cigars are going to be more expensive than a cigarette you may not be paying more for your cigars than you would for cigarettes. ...
Word count: 769
Written by: Staff never smoked cigarettes. "When you go to a bar it's accepted that you will be around smoke," said Garvey. Garvey said that he does not believe smoking should be allowed in family ...
Word count: 360
Written by: Staff
...nes and Ducados cigarettes and is also the world's leading cigar distributor through its 50-50 venture with the Cuban state-owned cigar company Habanos. Read more here...
Word count: 146
Written by: Rick McLaughlin
#...lks are smoking cigarettes, so I figure what the heck, I'll ask the bartender if I can smoke a cigar here. She looks at me with a quizzical glance, and then she asks me, "What do I mean?" I'm thinki...
Word count: 2581
Written by: Robert Brookes used to roll cigarettes for friends in the family home despite official bans. Flight to Geneva At the age of five, Zino and his family fled from the pogroms and reached Geneva in 1911. Here Z...
Word count: 877
Written by: Patrick Lauer
#...less you smoked cigarettes. The lower your education and the lower your income, the more you smoked cigarettes. I guess what I am trying to say is that a person who decides to make cigar smoking his h...
Word count: 1496
Written by: Patrick Lauer machine made cigarettes and has admitted to marketing to children as well as using addictive ingredients in there products. The cigar industry is made of mostly families. The tobacco used in fine c...
Word count: 1496
Written by: Puff Staff
... smoked over 20 cigarettes a day for decades - more moderate cigarette smokers or cigar or pipe smokers don’t count. In other studies a ‘smoker’ is anyone who has smoked 100 cigarett...
Word count: 10598
Written by: Patrick Lauer
#...ween cigars and cigarettes, I think smokers know the difference very well. Thus, all the personal attacks against the cigarette executives etc., have not translated to the cigar business. CR: What...
Word count: 2071
Written by: Puff Staff
#...acture Marlboro cigarettes.  The Leon family is clearly not in the cigar business because they have to be.  Rather it is a labor of love that goes back to 1903 when the company was founded o...
Word count: 3250
Written by: Puff Staff
#...ribute high end cigarettes through their existing customers ala Nat Sherman.   Paolo told us that sales were up across all lines and that business is good, although he is cautious to say that t...
Word count: 2784
Written by: Puff Staff of them dark cigarettes without a filter.", "Why would Fuente do this?", were just some of the comments. Now we realize this may not be hand rolled, fact is we don't know. Couldn't find the inf...
Word count: 319

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