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Coffee and cream cigars Search Results

Your search for Coffee and cream cigars located the below Coffee and cream cigars Search Results. The Coffee and cream cigars Search Results are returned from stories published by Puff publishes stories covering Coffee and cream cigars news, Cigar Reviews, Cigar News, Cigar Forums, Cigar Videos, Cigar Interviews and more!

Written by: Puff Staff
#...slight tinge of coffee that is detected too. The #2 does reflect its mild-bodied classification properly. The Cabinet Selection #2 is a quality smoke. The wrapper is almost flawless, and the cigar ...
Word count: 1453
Written by: Puff Staff
#... does some rich coffee. Adding to the mix is a creamy flavor that is very enjoyable and smooth. This is one cigar that definitely packs plenty of flavor. The Murcielago Belicoso is an impressive st...
Word count: 1586
Written by: Puff Staff
#...wood. A bit of coffee is noticeable too. Some chocolate flavor appears, in addition to some hints of leather. Some creaminess jumps in to balance everything out and make the cigar even more enjoyab...
Word count: 1537
Written by: Puff Staff
#...eam, spice, and coffee. The Entubar comes in four sizes: the 5 x 50 Robusto, the 6 1/2x 64 Gran Toro, the 6 3/4x 54 Torpedo, and the 7 1/2x 54 Double Corona. The cigars come in boxes of 20, and are...
Word count: 1562
Written by: Puff Staff
#... good amount of coffee adds to the mix, and there are some hints of sweetness and cream too. The cigar does seem to fit the medium-bodied profile well and is not too strong. Overall, the La Aurora P...
Word count: 1498
Written by: Puff Staff some cedar. Coffee flavors are also in the mix, as is some spicy pepper. There is also a sweet flavor that really blends in well with the others. This stick seems to stray more towards the mediu...
Word count: 1441
Written by: Puff Staff present, and coffee is the last noticeable flavor. This is definitely a mild stick. To say that the Stradivarius de Los Maestros was a disappointment would be an understatement. Removing the orna...
Word count: 1594
Written by: Puff Staff
#...d with a cup of coffee. Chocolate lovers might really enjoy it. The best part of all, however, is the price. At around $3 to $4 each, the Cervantes really seems like a bargain for the quality you a...
Word count: 1584
Written by: Puff Staff
#... morning cup of coffee. At first, there is a good amount of sweetness present, similar to the cold taste. This moves on to give way to rich chocolate and coffee flavors, hence the coffee as a bevera...
Word count: 1532
Written by: Puff Staff
#... morning cup of coffee. Fans of medium-bodied cigars would enjoy it, while those who like stronger offerings would probably find the Special S Torpedo to be too mild. As far as the price goes, a box...
Word count: 1558
Written by: Puff Staff
#... morning cup of coffee. The Old School Originals Duke earns a rating of three out of four stars. That just about does it for my reviews today. I suggest you give both of these sticks a try, and com...
Word count: 1750
Written by: Puff Staff
#...d with a cup of coffee. The Dom Grand Reserve is an unspectacular, yet steady performer. With the exception of the strayed burn halfway through, it stayed under control. The flavors were not all ...
Word count: 1565
Written by: Puff Staff
#...e some hints of coffee too. This stick is definitely medium-bodied. The Don Kiki Green Label Torpedo has its good and its bad. The bad is obviously the burn, which required re-lighting and was unev...
Word count: 1538
Written by: Puff Staff
#...notes of cream, coffee, wood, and more. Among the sizes offered are the 5x50 Famosos, the 5 1/2x52 Favoritos, and the 6 1/2x52 Monarcas. The Serie H comes in boxes of 20 and retails for around $6 to...
Word count: 1612
Written by: Puff Staff
#...d with a cup of coffee. The Einstein seems like a winner. The burn is satisfactory and it is one cool cigar to look at. You will be sure to get some looks from across the room when you have it in y...
Word count: 1701
Written by: Puff Staff
#...aste similar to coffee. The burn of the 70th Anniversary Padron Natural is even for the most part. The draw is great. The ash produced is solid and light in color. No re-lighting is necessary, alt...
Word count: 1662
Written by: Puff Staff
#...o some hints of coffee and nuts to round out the flavors. This seems to be a good match for those who like milder cigars. Whether or not the Vintage 1997 Demi is a great cigar depends on the smoker....
Word count: 1550
Written by: Puff Staff
#...oth. Plenty of coffee notes kick it off along with some nuts. A rich chocolate flavor also joins the party. Beyond that, there is a lot of sweetness and creaminess that seems to stay throughout the...
Word count: 1764
Written by: Puff Staff
#...y chocolate and coffee. Eventually some earthy notes come into play, as well as those of wood. Adding to the overall profile is a fruity flavor that resembles cherries. Overall, the cigar seemed to...
Word count: 1541
Written by: Puff Staff
#...ffers plenty of coffee and chocolate flavors. The Java has a Nicaraguan filler and binder, as well as your choice of either a Brazilian Maduro or an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper. Medium-bod...
Word count: 1964

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