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Don ra Search Results

Your search for Don ra located the below Don ra Search Results. The Don ra Search Results are returned from stories published by Puff publishes stories covering Don ra news, Cigar Reviews, Cigar News, Cigar Forums, Cigar Videos, Cigar Interviews and more!

Written by: John St. Mark
#...aracter. If you don't have a specialized refrigerator, and want to cool your wine down a little, just leave it in the regular refrigerator for a short time (maybe ten to twenty minutes, depending ...
Word count: 1588
Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#...,000 in dues. I don't know what the fees paid by the retail tobacconists are or, for that matter, what cigar makers have paid, and will pay. But, there'll be a substantial amount of money availabl...
Word count: 1160
Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#...aisal ... but I don't think that would work now!" While there, I spoke to a couple of customers and got comments that totally support the effort of CRA. Izzy Delgado told me, "Last sp...
Word count: 1357
... fine too. They don't sell cigars though, so bring your own. Best of all, Edo's always has a steak special available. 411 N. Harrison St., (804) 864-5488 Havana '59: Havana is destination dinin...
Word count: 994
Written by: Staff
#...ill be directly donated to charity. Those interested in participating in or in sponsoring the tournament should contact Frank Bullara of Bugsy's Cigars at 910-399-2923. Bugsy's Cigars Website ...
Word count: 288
Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#...d what could be done by citizens in the face of such an unfair onslaught. Cigar Rights of America is very much a product of his drive and determination, with, of course, a great deal of input and ...
Word count: 1416
Written by: Python
#... Isla del Sol.I don’t really smoke flavored cigars anymore, but I do occasionally smoke a Java or Kahlua by Drew Estates. I bought these cigars for my wife because she wants to try cigars but on...
Word count: 724
Written by: Staff
#...inal Playboy by Don Diego and the new Playboy cigar. Highlighting the festivities will be a personal appearance by former Playboy Playmate Sandra Hubby (Playboy Playmate of the Month March 2004...
Word count: 408
Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#...nd what he had done before opening Graycliff in 1997. (We kept Enrico's accent in the following transcription.) Garzaroli: Well I was born in Italy, my father had a factory for stockings...about 5...
Word count: 1968
Written by: Staff
#...w price. So, don't be afraid to try that $3, $4 or $5 cigar. If you'd like some personal recommendations, sign up for our free message board and ask "the guys". They are very friendly...
Word count: 827
Written by: Staff
#... us their wives don’t like them smoking in the house. And in the winter it’s too cold to go out and smoke on their deck." Once settled in the clubby, low-lit lounge customers feel right ...
Word count: 1040
Written by: Staff
#...rthy. I usually don't smoke such a large cigar, but I figured tailgating at Cigarfest would be the perfect opportunity. Overall, I was very impressed. The cigar stayed very flavorful b...
Word count: 1985
Written by: Staff
...t of people who don't want their kids to know that they smoke, because they don't want to be a bad influence on them," says Peterson, a 21-year-old college student who picked up cigar smoking...
Word count: 1272
Written by: Gary J. Arzt, it’s all done at the companies elaborate facility on “Perdomo Avenue.” I had the opportunity to sit down with Nick and talk about Perdomo cigars; where they’ve been, where they are and ...
Word count: 2209
Written by: Staff
#...ratings for the Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Robusto. Buy Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Cigars Here Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Robusto Average Rating:...
Word count: 1699
Written by: Staff
#...cigar for me. I don’t think it was a bad cigar, but it really didn’t fit my tastes. It was mild for the most part with a tobacco flavor and not much else. It did go out on me twice...
Word count: 1578
Written by: Staff
#... has never been done before. “First, the worker makes a small bunch out of the ligero leaves. He then wraps them in their own, small binder, forming a ‘cigar’ that is then centered within th...
Word count: 644
Written by: Puff Staff
...ll was said and done, we compiled quite a bit of interesting data.  In the interest of publishing a short story versus a novel, we have summarized our results below. Our overall summary is at th...
Word count: 1517
Written by: Staff
#....A. Spaniard Don Jaime Partagas founded this world famous business in 1845. These meetings help highlight the best efforts by Cuban producers to improve the quality of their cigars. {mosimage...
Word count: 109
Written by: Staff
#...erience – you don’t need anything else.” Fuente Fuente Opus X by Arturo Fuente is one of Carroll’s favorites, and he describes its taste as “a sharp, kind of spicy flavor.” Relaxat...
Word count: 408

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