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Drink Search Results

Your search for Drink located the below Drink Search Results. The Drink Search Results are returned from stories published by Puff publishes stories covering Drink news, Cigar Reviews, Cigar News, Cigar Forums, Cigar Videos, Cigar Interviews and more!

Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#...y having them drink Kool Aid laced with cyanide! I wonder how many people were put off by that when they thought about smoking the highly touted cigars. I would be and was. And, why connect such...
Word count: 5088
Written by: Staff
#... Drink: Bud Select Smoking Notes: Very thick smoke, slight flavor which I could not really identify. I had to touch it up once. ...
Word count: 1879
Written by: Puff Staff
...started our day drinking mojitos and smoking a couple of 2006 vintage God of Fire Torpedos we purchased at the Casa Fuente store at Ceaser's Forum Shops. The cigar is medium bodied and well made. But ...
Word count: 1138
Written by: John St. Mark
#...e you will be drinking; I bet you will like way they work together. It looks like wine ... Once the wine has been poured, the first step is visual analysis. Look at the color, density and brig...
Word count: 1588
Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#...uot; with food, drinks, music and fifteen (15%) discounts. My cousin, Little Al, and I have worked our tails off. We put in a lot of money; long, long hours, and frankly, Gary we've had some succe...
Word count: 1357
Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#...gan. We enjoyed drinks from Remy Martin, excellent coffees from Nespresso and the fellowship of other friends and fans of Alec Bradley. ...
Word count: 1345
Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#... out to eat and drink, know how to live and stay in a place anywhere in the world... as he was exporting to a lot of countries.......well I was pretty good and when I finished he then decided to be ...
Word count: 1968
Written by: Staff
#...igars, savory drinks, gourmet food, and hot live music. May 29th, 6 - 9 PM Admission $25 Purchase Tickets Featuring: First to sample Alec Bradley’s new super premium Tempus ci...
Word count: 308
Written by: Staff
#...ars, dinner and drinks. Upon arrival to the invitation-only event, each participant received four free cigars along with some swag like hats and cigar cutters. The night began with a silent auc...
Word count: 433
Written by: Staff
#...It’s never just a cigar at Victory Cigar Bar in Sudbury where patrons may linger in a walk-in humidor where they can choose from a selection of 350 hand-rolled beauties and then sink into a leat...
Word count: 1040
Written by: Staff
#... Drink: Amstel Light Smoking Notes: Very flavorful smoke. Med-Full bodied and leans a bit to full. Initial puffs were very peppery, but it mello...
Word count: 2059
Written by: Staff coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks, DeVries said. Cigar consultant Andrea Vasquez works in the humidor at Bogie's Cigar Shop in Homewood. "We have become the only oasis for ciga...
Word count: 506
Written by: Gary J. Arzt able to eat, drink and converse with these famous tabaqueros and their wives. It was the most intimate, personal experience one could ever experience at any cigar event or festival (I think, pa...
Word count: 898
Written by: Staff
#...ars, have a few drinks and enjoy each other’s company. Van Hooser, who works in sales development for Prestressed Casting Co., has been a cigar smoker for about 30 years....
Word count: 408
Written by: Kevin Godbee
#...s are like wine drinkers. They always have their favorites, but they always want to try different cigars. If you are a real cigar smoker that is what you do. Almost all of the cigar companies all s...
Word count: 2700
Written by: Staff
#...ers, half-price drinks and scotch tastings. Named after Great Britain's famed Fuller's Griffin Brewery, the cigar bar dispenses Fuller's London Pride, Porter and ESB using a classic hand-pu...
Word count: 323
Written by: Staff to smoke and drink their own alcohol in their cars rather than standing outside in the freezing weather. "I don't even want to go to my bar when I'm not working on a cold night so how c...
Word count: 630
Written by: Staff
#...y correct’ to drink with a cigar. Obviously that means that there are some who would enjoy a good coffee with a cigar while others may prefer some form of alcohol and perhaps the best rule of ...
Word count: 614
Written by: Staff
#... Drink: Starbucks Frappacino Smoking Notes: Now this is what I call a cigar. The cigar is very well balanced with excellent toasty tobacco, wood...
Word count: 1769
Written by: Staff
#... Drink: Water Smoking Notes: Cardboardy and burning leaf flavors with some dark woody tobacco notes and a bit of tartness and an acrid harshness...
Word count: 1505

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