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Filler Search Results

Your search for Filler located the below Filler Search Results. The Filler Search Results are returned from stories published by Puff publishes stories covering Filler news, Cigar Reviews, Cigar News, Cigar Forums, Cigar Videos, Cigar Interviews and more!

Written by: Sparhawk
#...orojo long-leaf fillers; a Brazilian binder AND a 5-year-old Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper. It's made in the La Aurora factory in the Dominican Republic, the oldest factory in that country and one ...
Word count: 340
Written by: mallenby
... Dominican long filler. The taste is similar to the Series R, however, they are a little milder & I would consider these to be a medium bodied smoke gaining more strength and flavor past t...
Word count: 211
Written by: HeavyMetal
...t the Hemingway filler begins to make itself known and the flavors shift subtly to sweet wood, burnt coffee, dark chocolate and a hint of cardamom, clove and cedar. About halfway, the cigar begins...
Word count: 355
Written by: Iceman
...uro Maduro · Filler - Dominican and Nicaraguan · Ring Size - 44 · Length - 6" Construction: Square pressed. Dark very oily double maduro. Veiny. Coffee black color. Prelight: V...
Word count: 279
Written by: ram416
...he surface. The filler appears to be a long cut, lightly bound, making for a easy draw, bordering on too easy for those who like to toke on their smokes. The pre-light smell is somewhat earthy, ...
Word count: 464
Written by: Puff Staff stems in the filler causing the lumpy wrapper.” The aroma of the Green Band Corona didn’t send anyone into uncontrollable cartwheels, and additionally seemed not to offend in any way.  So...
Word count: 4109
Written by: Puff Staff
...h Fermentation) Filler Piloto Ligero San Vicente Ligero Piloto Seco San Vicente Seco E-mail: Internet:
Word count: 422
Written by: Puff Staff
#...wrapper. The filler is a blend of tobaccos from the Jalapa region of Nicaragua and Columbia. Those who participate in the challenge are also eligible to win the grand prize which includes a CAO Cx2...
Word count: 143
Written by: Cigar Guy Tim
#...Cuban long leaf filler. The embargo has had the effect of blocking the best outer leaf in the world from the greatest tobacco filler leaf in the world. Throw in the decades of advances in agricu...
Word count: 1505
Written by: Puff Staff
#...own Habana-seed fillers and binders utilized by Antano, the Celebracion sports a smooth, aged Habana-seed Criollo wrapper leaf. The Celebracion line comes in 5 different sizes, for the sake of this ...
Word count: 556
Written by: Jamz
#...ican wrapper or filler since the days we first introduced the El Capitan Maduro.  But they did so on the success we enjoyed from the people who found this cigar to be exceptionally flavorful.  When ...
Word count: 3826
Written by: Puff Staff
#...des of wrapper, filler and binder leaf. The Green's manufacturing criteria, tobacco aging, quality control, and leaf processing standards are identical to the other two Cumbres lines. It simply has ...
Word count: 380
Written by: timlw
#... a quality long filler tobacco.  The draw on this was easy and produced large amounts of thick, white smoke. The flavor was mild and creamy and left a buttery floral aftertaste that remained p...
Word count: 351
314. Don Diego
Written by: Iceman
...nican  · Filler - Dominican and Brazilian  · Ring Size - 42  · Length - 5 1/2"  Construction: Light brown Connecticut shade wrapper. A light oily sheen that is very silky ...
Word count: 553
Written by: Iceman
...aduro  · Filler - Dominican and Nicaraguan  · Ring Size - 44  · Length - 6"  Construction: Square pressed. Dark very oily double maduro. Veiny. Coffee black color.  ...
Word count: 260
Written by: Heavy Metal
...t the Hemingway filler begins to make itself known and the flavors shift subtly to sweet wood, burnt coffee, dark chocolate and a hint of cardamom, clove and cedar. About halfway, the cigar begins t...
Word count: 351
Written by: Kevin Godbee
#...per, binder and filler that were highly prized at that time. The R & D on these strains contributed to the creation of exciting and sought-after new cigars. I led tobacco research projects in E...
Word count: 2347
Written by: Puff Staff
#...30) sizes. The filler is a top-quality Dominican leaf, with a Sumatran wrapper. The company’s two-day, five-point flavoring process is, according to Phillips, “Unique to Heaven flavored cigars. ...
Word count: 469
Written by: Puff Staff
#...caraguan ligero filler gives the cigar the extra punch many of today’s smokers favor. The cigars are hand made of 100% long filler tobacco, and aged to tame the cigar’s power and give it depth an...
Word count: 298
Written by: Puff Staff of 100% long filler handmade cigars, for the Toro shape. Cumbres de Puriscal is the company’s flagship line, and is available in 3 different wrappers and blends ... Gold, Silver, and Gre...
Word count: 393

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