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First time Search Results

Your search for First time located the below First time Search Results. The First time Search Results are returned from stories published by Puff publishes stories covering First time news, Cigar Reviews, Cigar News, Cigar Forums, Cigar Videos, Cigar Interviews and more!

Written by: Patrick Lauer
#...acco. After the first crop, my father decided to go on his own. Eventually, he had close to 2,000 acres where he grew tobacco in. Some in partnerships, some by himself. As time went on, he got into ma...
Word count: 1496
Written by: Puff Staff
... Jose O. Padron first made cigars as an immigrant in 1964.  The new building is “all the things we dreamed about when we were at the old building” states company President George Padron. ...
Word count: 1715
Written by: David DeAngelo
...them within the first two dates. My problem is with the girls whom I just wish to be friends with or even just put behind me, how do I let them down easy? I don't want to be a jerk or burn any bridg...
Word count: 2632
Written by: Chef Phil
#... First flour eggplant and shake off excess, place in egg and submerge then remove from egg and allow excess to drip off, then place in bread crumb mixture and press bread crumbs into eg...
Word count: 592
Written by: Patrick Lauer
#...the day. When I first get into the office I smoke a Flor de Oliva 6 1/2 x 44, after that my selections get more robust as the day goes by. Finally, at the end of the day I usually will enjoy something...
Word count: 1496
Written by: David DeAngelo
...g I really want first and that is self respect, and after that have the guts to be tough, honest, funny and take a chance..  I have been angry with woman for a long time (and I don't mean i...
Word count: 3623
Written by: Puff Staff research. At first my mind was pretty open; I half expected to find that smoking was even worse than I thought, and I decided that, since I wasn’t a hardcore nicotine junkie, I could live wit...
Word count: 10598
Written by: Puff Staff
#...o Freeway. At first glance Sabor Havana may look like any other cigar store. The Doral store is about 2,000 square feet with tiled floor, high ceiling, and a mezzanine that overlooks the store. The ...
Word count: 1493
Written by: Patrick Lauer
#...iness in 1981. First we started as merely a broker of cigars, facilitating deals between distributors and cigar factories. The thought was that if we helped to create business for the cigar factory,...
Word count: 2071
Written by: Ashley
#... into love head first. After a few weeks you may find yourself becoming neurotic wondering if you are being used, if your partner loves you as much as you love her, and if she is going to leave you j...
Word count: 1439
Written by: Puff Staff
#...rings us to our first point. Our purpose at the show goes beyond reporting generally about cigars and news.  We want to find out about cigars and information that you, the cigar smoking public,...
Word count: 1111
Written by: Ashley
#...s see this as a first step towards marriage. There are some studies that show that once these couples do get married there is a higher tendency for them to get divorced. This is because many of thes...
Word count: 929
Written by: Puff Staff
#... Padrons on the first day of the show and are lucky if we can catch up with them by the third day.  Today George and Orlando talked to us for a few minutes between customers.  New for the sh...
Word count: 4675
Written by: Puff Staff features the first estate grown wrapper for the Torano family from Nicaragua. The binder is Nicaraguan Habano and the filler is a blend of tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Panama.  ...
Word count: 3250
Written by: Ashley
#...not be who they first appear to be. So, while you want to be open to new people, you still don't want to give out personal information too quickly. In the end, you will want to take some time to g...
Word count: 796
Written by: Ashley
#.... Now, the first thing that you need to understand about women is that they are controlled by their emotions. On the other hand, men are controlled by visual effects. So, you need to learn how ...
Word count: 1073
Written by: Kevin Godbee
#... was one of the first cigars I ever smoked, and is still one of my mainstays. I highly recommend it to beginners for being eased into cigar smoking with a well constructed cigar that burns perfectly, ...
Word count: 103
Written by: Ashley
#...or you to do at first, you need to continue on taking the risk to be passionate with her. While you are taking the risk of rejection in doing this, you won't receive the victories if you don't risk t...
Word count: 883
Written by: Ashley
#... on the inside, first impressions show your outer self and they are very important. So, make yourself look the best that you can, then you will also feel great. A new relationship is the perfect time...
Word count: 1417
Written by: Ashley
#... Take a shower first! While you do not need to be perfumed, you do need to smell clean and manly.  Another thing that is important to do is make sure that birth control is a mutual responsib...
Word count: 1048

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