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Your search for Get real located the below Get real Search Results. The Get real Search Results are returned from stories published by Puff publishes stories covering Get real news, Cigar Reviews, Cigar News, Cigar Forums, Cigar Videos, Cigar Interviews and more!

Written by: Puff Staff
#...lways wanted to get your hands on a Gurkha but didn't due to price, the Ninja Torpedo finally gives you the opportunity to give the flashy brand a try. Pick one up and have it with a cup of coffee in...
Word count: 1500
Written by: Puff Staff
#... The burn does get uneven, but is corrected easily with some help from the lighter. There isn't a ton of complexity within the Cameroon Especial. That said, the cigar's flavor is enjoyable. Sw...
Word count: 1806
Written by: Puff Staff
#... shipments will get past customs. Perhaps the fact that the cigars are illegal is a huge draw for buyers, or maybe it's because smoking a Cuban is an experience that's worth the risk. Oettinger Dav...
Word count: 1609
Written by: Jamz
#...ike running, to get them back on the “healthy” bandwagon. You may want to start running because you want to shed a few pounds or you simply want to maintain your weight. Running is a great cardiov...
Word count: 708
Written by: Puff Staff
#...efully you will get better results out of it. If you feel like splurging, you can also find the Lost City in stylish boxes of ten. The Fuente Fuente OpusX The Lost City Lancero earns a rating of thr...
Word count: 1344
Written by: Puff Staff
#... concerned, you get a rough kick of spice at the beginning. The spicy pepper later gives way to some toasty notes, as well as those of tobacco and leather. Overall, there is not much complexity to be ...
Word count: 1529
Written by: Puff Staff
#...m. To help you get through the start of the week, we have two new reviews. Today's reviews have a Davidoff theme, and we will discuss the brand's Aniversario No. 2 and the Grand Cru No. 4. Davido...
Word count: 1762
Written by: Puff Staff
#...e unsure. To get a better picture of the votes, participants who earned over $75,000 per year supported a ban more than those with lesser incomes. Women under the age of 40 were also more supportiv...
Word count: 1458
Written by: Puff Staff
#... of flavor, you get a nice variety here. At first, there are some strong spicy notes that seem to be the most dominant flavor of the cigar. The spice gives way to some cedar and cinnamon. A really ...
Word count: 1768
Written by: Puff Staff
#... way for you to get an inside track on deals or discounts. This is a good step to take to save money and it requires little to no effort at all. Now, one thing to keep in mind when shopping online...
Word count: 1761
Written by: Puff Staff and time to get this week started off right with two new reviews. Today we will take a look at the Upper Cut Robusto from Punch first, and it will be followed by a review of the Carlos Torano Nov...
Word count: 1407
Written by: Puff Staff
#...n if you do not get into an eating competition during dinner, you will probably ingest more calories on Thanksgiving when compared to normal days. For this reason, some exercise beforehand is a great...
Word count: 1658
Written by: Puff Staff
#...m the start you get plenty of that sweet cognac flavor. There is also a lot of creaminess to the smoke. Some wood makes an appearance, as does some pepper. There's plenty of flavor, which is always...
Word count: 1530
Written by: Puff Staff
#...e month to help get your finances back under control. Cut out “convenient” food choices This is definitely one of the areas where the most monetary waste occurs. The temptations are hard t...
Word count: 1622
Written by: Puff Staff
#... If you want to get your hands on one, look around. Many places are sold out or have these on back order. The combination of a limited release and a quality smoke can cause such a scarcity in terms ...
Word count: 1484
Written by: Puff Staff
#... the process of getting other cigar makers to produce limited edition cigars for the lounge too. Even those who are not fans of Patel's cigars have a reason to visit Burn, as it will also carry many ...
Word count: 1541
Written by: Puff Staff
#... the cigar from getting monotonous at any point in time. While its not an extreme powerhouse, the HL is probably too strong for beginners. Experienced smokers that enjoy Nicaraguan cigars packed wit...
Word count: 1446
Written by: Puff Staff
#...right Halloween get-up, as well as some drink recipes with a ghoulish theme that you can make for your guests to enjoy. What to wear It seems as if Halloween was much simpler when we were younger...
Word count: 2331
Written by: Puff Staff
#...ap, but you are getting a good cigar in return. Tatuaje has a pretty good record of putting out quality cigars, and the J21 is no different. In that sense, it's worth picking up a single at least if...
Word count: 1463
Written by: Puff Staff
#...eep things from getting dull. The cigar starts off with a rich chocolate flavor that is superb. It then shifts to some strong notes of pepper. Some creamy notes and coffee later appear, adding even...
Word count: 1502

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