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How to touch up Search Results

Your search for How to touch up located the below How to touch up Search Results. The How to touch up Search Results are returned from stories published by Puff publishes stories covering How to touch up news, Cigar Reviews, Cigar News, Cigar Forums, Cigar Videos, Cigar Interviews and more!

Written by: Rocketman248
#...I was amazed at how smooth it was for the length of the smoke. It burned suprisingly cool for a small ring gauge cigar. I was able to smoke it to less than an inch. A beautiful band. ...
Word count: 369
Written by: Patrick
... a lightweight. However the G2 is full flavored, flavors bursting at the seems from beginning to end, ranging from a slight touchof sweet tobacco and nuts to hints of spice throughout the cigar. L...
Word count: 233
Written by: HeavyMetal
...moke one to see how they’re progressing. After warm-up, the initial impression was cedar, a bit of cream and sweet woody notes around a core of strong tobacco. About 1/4 in, the infamous hot pep...
Word count: 306
Written by: Patrick
... Draw:Despite how firm this little guy is, it has a very easy draw that firmed up a little toward the last half of the smoke Drink:Water Smoking Notes:I found this ciigar started off with ...
Word count: 261
Written by: Patrick
...uch tight. Just how I like it Drink: Water Smoking Notes: Wonderful notes of spice with a full bodied smoke. It picked up some woody and earthy hints towards the middle and only grew in comp...
Word count: 239
Written by: Puff Staff
#...r your fingers, how could you not be impressed with this cigar? Here are the rules of the fight. I will relate how each look to me in person (even with digital photos you have to see and hold these...
Word count: 1907
Written by: Jamz
#...ence. T25C - How do you draw test your cigars? RS - Via a Draw Master machine calibrated to proper elevation heights.  This process naturally slows down the rolling process and adds to the expen...
Word count: 3826
Written by: Patrick Lauer
...uch tight. Just how I like it Drink: Water Smoking Notes: Wonderful notes of spice with a full bodied smoke. It picked up some woody and earthy hints towards the middle and only grew in comple...
Word count: 251
Written by: David DeAngelo
...p you a line on how my personal story has been going since I started doing things "your way". I have checked every "girl strategy" out there, you know the ones, and have to say that your system is...
Word count: 3623
Written by: Ashley
#...lust for love. However, when you stop to think about it you will see that you are physically attracted to a person. This is not true love! True love is based on commitment and trust not physical at...
Word count: 1439
Written by: Ashley
#...ant to learn is how to drive her crazy with desire. Of course, you already know that women think differently about sex then men do. So, keeping her interest and turning her on may have you lost as w...
Word count: 1073
Written by: Ashley
#...e... However, some men simply are not willing to approach these goals in a manner that addresses the peculiar needs of most women. Of course there are a few women out there who love sex so...
Word count: 1048
Written by: Puff Staff
...ext thought was how much we were paying additional for the glitzy box.  Then again, with the reasonable price of these smokes, who's complaining! It's hard to hide from our reviewers...
Word count: 942
Written by: Puff Staff
...popular brand. How does the Punch Grand Puro fit in?“When you light up a Punch Gran Puro cigar, you're smoking one of the finest examples of the Honduran cigar maker's art... an all-Honduran Puro c...
Word count: 871
Written by: Jamz
... BACKGROUND AND HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN THE GRAYCLIFF HOTEL? I was born in Italy and graduated at the Hotel Catering School of Stresa. During one of my trips, I met a Lady Dudley an old friend of my G...
Word count: 2090
Written by: Puff Staff
#...literally quote how their cigars had done in our ratings. The large company booths we visited are big by necessity and very impressive to look at and visit. The large booths are good at what they wer...
Word count: 9983
Written by: Puff Staff
#...d you'll wonder how you got along without it.  This cutter will become such a part of your cigar smoking routine, that you'll treat it like a family member.  Couple all the above with the fa...
Word count: 1696
Written by: Puff Staff
...smoke was gone, however, not before it had ruined the flavor of the coffee I was having with the cigar. I would try to age one of these until Thursday, that’s the day they pick up my trash.” Do...
Word count: 550
Written by: Puff Staff
...eresting to see how/if it would work. If the rest of the reviews end up as fun as our first "blind review" attempt...this is a tradition that may continue! Pulling the curtains aside, we expose th...
Word count: 503
Written by: Puff Staff
...antly surprised however to find that it was a rather enjoyable smoke." "From a taste standpoint, the bitterness up front was a negative. But things got better. After getting into the smoke a little...
Word count: 600

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