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J r cigars Search Results

Your search for J r cigars located the below J r cigars Search Results. The J r cigars Search Results are returned from stories published by Puff publishes stories covering J r cigars news, Cigar Reviews, Cigar News, Cigar Forums, Cigar Videos, Cigar Interviews and more!

Written by: Kevin Godbee
#... Rum Girls were just as sweet as the liquor ... (Matusalem article) Babe Alert at the La Gloria Cubana Booth! E...
Word count: 2774
Written by: Kevin Godbee
#...t's better than Jack Daniel's on the rocks? Jack Daniels on the rocks poured by smiling hot babes! Jack Daniels in hand, we proceeded to the check out the Genera...
Word count: 1241
Written by: Kevin Godbee
#...wish I had that job!" Well, if they knew about my last weekend, their envy would more than double. Cigar Aficionado's Big Smoke Las Vegas Weekend was obviously about cigars, but it wa...
Word count: 1140
Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#... supervision of Jaime Garcia and Amilcar Perez. This is true of the Nestor Miranda Signature Selection and Giralda (for Forcade & Sons). It will be interesting to see the ratings Giralda ...
Word count: 354
Written by: Kevin Godbee
#...s been open for just one year. It is the "sister shop" to the original location in Pembroke Pines, FL. Gary, formerly a photographer, was introduced to cigars by his daughter Michaela's ...
Word count: 1083
Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#...o, the Maestro, Jose Pepin Garcia, have concluded an agreement with Miami Cigar & Company, for the distribution of both brands in the United States (article). E y O retains the internati...
Word count: 2175
Written by: Staff
#...Spanish citizen Jaime Partagas in 1845, across from Havana's Capitol. It has been visited by world-famous politicians, artists and intellectuals, including French actor Gerard Depardieu and US ...
Word count: 325
Written by: Puff Staff
#.... Carlos Fuente Jr. set out on a mission to be the first cigar maker in the Dominican Republic to successfully grow wrapper tobacco. The OpusX was an overnight success. It consistently receives the h...
Word count: 180
Written by: Staff
#... right there, I just couldn’t get to it. Overall Experience and Rating: This was not a bad cigar. It was kind of irritating, with the short finish, but ever...
Word count: 1622
Written by: Staff
#...m bodied smoke. Just a little on the harsh side at the nub. Overall Experience and Rating: I really liked this cigar and look forward to finding out what it is. I wan...
Word count: 1542
Written by: Staff
#...& that was just the first few puffs!! It finally settled into a nice slightly spicy & earthy medium smoke about halfway through with a long finish that kept me puffing until i...
Word count: 1645
Written by: Kevin Godbee for E y O by Jose "Pepin" Garcia. I spoke with Eddie Ortega and he very candidly told me that, "In order to get to the next level, we needed a capital infusion. We were working ...
Word count: 593
Written by: Staff
#... Pedro Rivero Jr. has brought a little bit of Ybor to Carrollwood with Club Habano Cigars, which opened last month. "Yes, there are other cigar stores up here, but we're really a cigar lou...
Word count: 201
Written by: Staff; Company and Jaime Garcia, President of Tabacalera Garcia in Esteli, Nicaragua announced that Pepin Garcia has re-blended the Nestor Miranda Special Selection line of cigars. Henceforth, the c...
Word count: 268
Written by: Puff Staff
...few weeks where just about everything I smoke tastes like the inside of a ’57 Chevy Bel Air tailpipe. (or at least how I imagine the inside of a 1957 Chevy Bel Air tailpipe would taste.)  Just ...
Word count: 1274
Written by: Puff Staff available by June. Further down the line you might even see Graycliff china and stemware. Trying to be helpful, I suggested a Graycliff ashtray. Paolo Garzaroli told me with a laugh that it was ...
Word count: 838
Written by: Puff Staff
...eeded to do the job.  Then again, taking into consideration we started using the spray at the show, and had been smoking five or six cigars a day, it was a lot to ask of the little power packed b...
Word count: 1160
Written by: Kevin Godbee
#...nted executive, joined the Cullman owned General thirty-four (34) years go, after graduating from Texas A&M. He rose to the top when the purchase of the company was completed in 2005. He re...
Word count: 1134
Written by: Staff
#... the most famed jazz musicians and composers in world, but what most people don’t realize about him, is that he is also a lover of fine tobacco. That is why when he pursued a blend by his own na...
Word count: 344
Written by: Staff
#... Staff Sgt. Kurt Johnson still remembers his first smoke in Iraq. After a particularly stressful patrol, he said his fellow soldiers in the U.S. Army received a surprise donation of cigars. T...
Word count: 603

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