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Ligero Search Results

Your search for Ligero located the below Ligero Search Results. The Ligero Search Results are returned from stories published by Puff publishes stories covering Ligero news, Cigar Reviews, Cigar News, Cigar Forums, Cigar Videos, Cigar Interviews and more!

...La Flor Dominicana Ligeros Double Ligero Chiselito Maduro Cigar Reviews...
Word count: 10
Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#...s exquisite new Ligero salomones and started to seriously consider his advice. Cigar Aficionado is eighteen years old, give-or take, and it took that long before they allowed the creation of a Ciga...
Word count: 2270
Written by: James Payne
#...s.   Ligero: Ligero is Spanish for light, and is one of the basic types of cigar filler. Known to be very rich and aromatic and found in man full-bodied cigars.   Lonsdale: A cigar that is aroun...
Word count: 1913
Written by: Daniel Lopez
#... viso, seco, or ligero and ferment it in pilones. Next after the pilones have passed through and undisclosed amount of aging time the pilones are then separated by texture and placed into smaller pilo...
Word count: 1638
Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#...some Panamanian ligero, topped off with a beautiful Ecuador Connecticut wrapper. Well, I have to tell you I was surprised and impressed. If you enjoy a good bundle - EO 21 is for you. If your tobaccon...
Word count: 2939
Written by: Staff
#...Hansotia Triple Ligero X3 taken by Michael Sherwood of Stiletto Studios in Clearwater, FL. To see the high quality larger picture and read more about Gurkha G3 & K. Hansotia Triple Ligero X3 Ci...
Word count: 202
Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#...beautiful new Ligero Salamon from La Flor Dominicana, the fabulous reblended Nestor Miranda Signature Collection, or is it Selection (My eyes aren't what the used to be and the band on the lance...
Word count: 1999
Written by: Kevin Godbee
#...eruvian Ligero. It's Peruvian Ligero in it too. So, you know, it's a very complex cigar. You know, I don't care how good a cigar is. If from start to finish it tastes the same ...
Word count: 2774
Written by: Staff
#...... Dead-Center Ligero. It revives the old Cuban method of entubado (tubed) bunching, wherein each leaf is rolled into a “soda straw” that runs the cigar’s length. This method provides a v...
Word count: 699
Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#...cana 'A' Double Ligero Litto: I was looking for a business. Believe me, Gary; it had nothing to do with cigars and the romance of tobacco. It was just a business. In fact, the first time I went int...
Word count: 2832
Written by: Staff
#...cially selected ligero leaf, all top quality, the Serie V packs a punch due to its full body; however, its strength does not dominate the experience. The specially aged and fermented tobaccos make...
Word count: 246
Written by: Staff
#...hree times more Ligero tobaccos than is normally used, which gives both blends more muscle. The smoke is robust and very peppery, with the CL3 revealing a deep earthy-woody character, and the ML3 ...
Word count: 503
Written by: Puff Staff
#...fabulous Double Ligero 'A's (9 X 44); a Cameroon Cabinet Torpedo; in the Coronado line he's introducing a Lancero; and he's created the Factory Press III ... I and II having been so popular. And...
Word count: 2547
Written by: Gary J. Arzt of Carajo, a ligero blend in a 34 x 4 come packed in beautiful wood packets. How the hell Litto packs all that flavour in those little sticks is beyond me! The Ashton booth, elegantly laid o...
Word count: 5088
Written by: Staff
#...erful Dominican ligero. Bound with a bold Connecticut Havana Seed leaf, Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur Legend dons the same lush, well-oiled Connecticut Havana leaf that won praise for Hoyo de Monter...
Word count: 386
Written by: Staff
#...... Dead-Center Ligero™. It is the result of the old Cuban method of entubado (tubed) bunching, wherein each leaf is rolled into a "soda straw" that runs the cigar's length. This met...
Word count: 833
Written by: Staff
#...cked with extra ligero for a premium full bodied flavor. Aficionados are very familiar with the Graycliff brand. Created by Enrico Garzaroli, founder of the Graycliff hotel and restaurant in Nass...
Word count: 236
Written by: Puff Staff
...y. Dead-Center LigeroTM ... uneven burning due to off-center ligero, and crowned heads with panuelo caps that ease cutting and eliminate unraveling wrappers. ...
Word count: 415
Written by: Puff Staff
...... Dead-Center Ligero™, It is the result of the old Cuban method of entubado (tubed) bunching, wherein each leaf is rolled into a “soda straw” that runs the cigar’s length. This method provi...
Word count: 732
Written by: Puff Staff
...s two different ligero filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. “The inspiration for Lx2 came from a small growing field in Nicaragua called Pueblo Nuevo,” said CAO President Tim...
Word count: 269

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