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Natural Search Results

Your search for Natural located the below Natural Search Results. The Natural Search Results are returned from stories published by Puff publishes stories covering Natural news, Cigar Reviews, Cigar News, Cigar Forums, Cigar Videos, Cigar Interviews and more!

Written by: Paul Shoberg
#...PANACEA Black - Natural and Maduro, and Panacea Red.   At Flatbed Cigar Company (owner/distributor of PANACEA) we are taking an Old-School approach to the cigar business. Right or wrong, it is the p...
Word count: 1070
Written by: James Payne
#...d, it acts as a natural repellant to worms and tobacco beetles (you will still need to take other measures, but every advantages counts). A final advantage of Spanish cedar is that it tends not to wa...
Word count: 1730
Written by: Paul Shoberg
#... evident in the natural line that it is in the Maduro. The Maduro line is definitely meatier, and past enjoyed with something else to complement your palette as well. So as you see the Por Larranaga ...
Word count: 1037
...d 826 Churchill Natural Cigar Reviews...
Word count: 7
Written by: Gary J. Arzt…there were natural boxes and dark boxes. I made the correct assumption that the box colour related to the wrapper, and selected a Vartan “Zoravar” Belicoso. Yes, this was Ambassador’s ‘h...
Word count: 2920
Written by: Kevin Godbee
#...oth sticks just naturally make you slobber and our threesome was a disgusting site to say the least.   You know if for some reason you forget, or run out of cigars while on the course, you can usua...
Word count: 1230
Written by: James Payne
...igar boasts the Natural Connecticut Shade wrapper, lending it a shiny, golden look. Featuring binder and filler straight out of the Dominican Republic, it is pretty well made, firm in all the right pl...
Word count: 1854
Written by: James Payne
#...oke a cigar, it naturally raises your blood sugar level (this occurs with any nicotine). This can, in turn, account for your light headedness and any feelings of sickness you may have.   And lastly...
Word count: 1631
Written by: Kevin Godbee Maduros over Naturals, but in this case I like the Natural Don Ramon better. Both cigars are flawlessly constructed, burn perfectly and hold a long ash. However, I received more flavor from the na...
Word count: 483
Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#...raderie and the natural affinity for each other, of people who have an enormous affinity for fine cigars! That camaraderie and enjoyment was well in evidence all day, a rather beautiful day, at “The...
Word count: 3227
...Natural Elixir 5-50 Cigar Reviews...
Word count: 5
Written by: Kevin Godbee
#...egin to warm up naturally. Gardeners would call this process composting but who wants to smoke compost?   During this time the leaf structure is broken down by the heat and the leaves actually swea...
Word count: 1449
Written by: Daniel Lopez
#...ce cigars are a natural product and you must listen to the product. I ask him about what he means. A.J. and Kris go on to explain to me how to roll a cigar between your fingers and listen for the crac...
Word count: 5056
Written by: James Payne
#...obacco contains natural stores of sugar. Lower priming tobacco leaves (those closer to the ground), contain more than high priming leaves. Dark tobacco leaves contain more sugar.   Sumatra: A mild,...
Word count: 3063
Written by: James Payne
#...a wrapper has a natural color wrapper (ie; not a lighter or darker shade).   Entubar: Another method of rolling cigars. Begun in Cuba, this method calls for the roller to roll the individual leaf b...
Word count: 1913
Written by: James Payne
...e found in both natural and maduro cigars.   Consistency: A staple in any premium brand of cigar, consistency refers to the way cigars look and taste. A cigar from a particular premium manufacturer...
Word count: 1683
Written by: Daniel Lopez
#...ce cigars are a natural product and you must listen to the product. I ask him about what he means. AJ and Kris go on to explain to me how to roll a cigar between your fingers and listen for the crack....
Word count: 1638
Written by: James Payne
#...owder? It’s a natural occurrence in a properly stored, good quality cigar. As the oil in your cigar rises to the surface, it leaves behind this white substance. To get rid of it, simply blow or gent...
Word count: 1431
Written by: Gary J. Arzt
#.... So it is only natural to excessively romanticize and exaggerate certain imagery and words.  But the beauty of the luxury tobacco industry is that it needs no exaggeration; the extraordinary realiti...
Word count: 3988
Written by: Kevin Godbee
#...aps it's just a natural friendliness that manifests itself more openly amongst cigar smokers, but whatever it is, it's enjoyable and the bond certainly does bring us closer together than almost any ot...
Word count: 974

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