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Private Search Results

Your search for Private located the below Private Search Results. The Private Search Results are returned from stories published by Puff publishes stories covering Private news, Cigar Reviews, Cigar News, Cigar Forums, Cigar Videos, Cigar Interviews and more!

Written by: Puff Staff
#... smoke in their private homes. Smoking is also allowed in most outdoor areas, with the exception of any entrances near health or educational centers, playgrounds, and the like. Even worse than the ...
Word count: 1519
Written by: Puff Staff
#...a translates to Private Blend in English. Although the line was finally approved for retail sale, it has been released in limited quantities, and only select merchants appointed by Drew Estate are al...
Word count: 1484
Written by: Puff Staff
#..., and it offers private lockers, a private kitchen, a poker table, a big-screen TV, and most importantly, large chairs to enjoy cigars in. A Platinum membership that includes a locker can be had for ...
Word count: 1541
Written by: Puff Staff
#...e VSG line on a private farm in Ecuador owned by the Oliva family. The special wrapper helps add plenty of flavor to the cigar, and its leaves are taken only from the highest primings of the tobacco ...
Word count: 1516
Written by: Puff Staff
#... law deals with private residences. It prohibits smoking on private balconies, private non-enclosed areas, and private patios in attached residential developments that have two or more units. While ...
Word count: 1635
Written by: Puff Staff
#...stablishments. Private clubs, such as those for American Legions can allow smoking, as can retail tobacco stores. Smoking will also be allowed in outdoor service lines, areas of city parks that are ...
Word count: 1404
Written by: Puff Staff
#... available on a private basis and not sold for public consumption. The Family Reserve No. 45 comes in just one size: a 6 x 52 Toro. The cigar's filler is supposedly composed of tobacco leaves that a...
Word count: 1527
Written by: Puff Staff
#... with them to a private place. Yeowww cigars are available on line and can also be found in some cigar shops. You can find them in boxes of 24, and a single retails for around $6. Cohiba Behikes Pl...
Word count: 1673
Written by: Puff Staff
#...o smoke include private clubs, state-run casinos, and tobacco shops. The Governor claimed the ban as a victory for the health of those who hope for clean air when out in public, while members of the ...
Word count: 1694
Written by: Puff Staff along with a Private Selection label to let you know that you are holding a special stick. The band right below it is red and gold in color and features the Padron Anniversary Series label on it. ...
Word count: 1662
Written by: Puff Staff
#...Also exempt are private events, such as galas or fundraisers. Finally, restaurants that double as nightclubs or bars for after-hours crowds will be exempt, as long as all of their patrons are over the...
Word count: 1758
Written by: Puff Staff
#...ny believe that private business owners should have the right to decide whether or not to allow smoking on their premises. If business owners see that many patrons complain of smoke, they can choose t...
Word count: 1591
Written by: Puff Staff
#...hiba began as a private supply to Mr. Fidel Castro himself, until it was released to the public in 1982. Only the best of the best was used to construct Cohibas, as only the top one percent of Cuban-...
Word count: 1479
...Private Stock No. 11 Cigar Reviews...
Word count: 5
Written by: James Payne
#...ate” built by privateer John Howard Graysmith in the 1700s. It became Nassau’s first official inn in the mid 1800s, and has been enticing visitors ever since. Sporting beautiful rooms, a virtual m...
Word count: 1316
Written by: Puff Staff
#...Abydos, and the Private Blend Torpedo. Warped Cigars Anubis Maduro Corona Gorda For a little background on the name first, the Anubis line from Warped Cigars bears the name of the Egyptian god Anu...
Word count: 2125
Written by: Kevin Godbee began making private label cigarettes at the request of a client who was banned from smoking cigars on the flight he often took to Dallas. Cigars might have been banned on the plane but smoking a c...
Word count: 1145
Written by: Paul Shoberg
#...ollywood stars, privateers, princes, and heads of state. And in all this history, there are also the cigars. I found myself enjoying a Graycliff Professionale Series P.G.. The cigar is a standard 5 ...
Word count: 1111
Written by: Puff Staff
#...Pueblo Nuevo, a private 140-acre tobacco farm in Condega, Nicaragua.  The CAO LX2 Rob is a robusto cigar and measures 5 x 48, although you can also find the CAO LX2 for sale as a Toro (6 x 50) or a...
Word count: 1774
Written by: Kevin Godbee
#...gars in his own private stash at home. He might smoke one now and again as a special treat- maybe friends and family give him a good quality cigar now and then as a gift- but he certainly doesn’t sm...
Word count: 1238

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