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Sweet smell Search Results

Your search for Sweet smell located the below Sweet smell Search Results. The Sweet smell Search Results are returned from stories published by Puff publishes stories covering Sweet smell news, Cigar Reviews, Cigar News, Cigar Forums, Cigar Videos, Cigar Interviews and more!

Written by: Daniel Lopez
#...ince then. Very sweet and a perfect compliment to an after dinner cigar the rum is subtle enough that it does not overpower flavors of a fine cigar. He thanks me and we talk for a couple of hours befo...
Word count: 1638
Written by: James Payne
#...smelling of the sweetest perfumes, to roll the cigar. Then that same person, with an air of smugness, will take out a Bic he purchased at the local Chevron for pocket change, and light up. Tools of t...
Word count: 1498
Written by: James Payne
#... from fruit and sweet flavors, they also come in alcoholic flavors. Think brandy, cognac, and the like. A lot of veteran smokers look down their noses at these smokes, but they can be a good way to ge...
Word count: 1437
Written by: Kevin Godbee
#...VSG's center on sweet wood, cedar and dark tobacco flavors while the thinner corona gorda centers on leather, earth, and black pepper notes. Likewise the predominant flavors of a PSD4 are coffee...
Word count: 1564
Written by: Staff
#... Slightly sweet tobacco taste. Burn: GREAT!!! I mean Razor sharp from start to finish. Drink: Ice water. Smoking Notes: ...
Word count: 1622
Written by: Staff
#...ith brown sugar sweetness. Draws was effort-less with only 1/4" of snip. Burn: Sharp, no touch up required. Drink: Coff...
Word count: 1542
Written by: Gary J. Arzt, which was a sweet-tipped cigar. And then gradually, my palate changed and I smoked what I could afford. But the impressions of hanging around that shop and the smell of tobacco and the whole au...
Word count: 7722
Written by: Staff draw, with a sweet taste coated the palate after each puff. Slow and cool burn. Flavors include nutty and woodsy. Overall Experience and Rating: Th...
Word count: 1392
Written by: Kevin Godbee flavor, very sweet, and no after-taste. We tested it out with a group of customers that went down in September '99. The first market test was done with 2 Guys Smoke Shop in December 1...
Word count: 4231
Written by: John St. Mark
#... can give sweet spice, coffee, chocolate, etc.), how old the barrels are (a newer barrel will impart a stronger flavor; that may be desirable in a strong wine, but could overpowe...
Word count: 1569
Written by: Staff
#...his cigar had a sweet leathery smell. Burn: Lit very easily and evenly. No touch ups were needed. This cigar burned very nicely. Solid grey ash that broke off...
Word count: 1877
Written by: Staff, and full of sweet, dark greasy leaves. I like to savor a new cigar for a five or ten minutes before lighting it, and this one packed a whollop. It was spicy sweet, and gave me a ve...
Word count: 1992
Written by: Staff
#...igar had a nice sweet earthy smell. Burn: Lit very easily and burned very evenly. No relight or touch up was required. This cigar burned very nicely. Not too ...
Word count: 1879
Written by: John St. Mark
#...y in the mouth: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and, more controversially, umami (Umami is a Japanese term, sometimes translated as "savoriness." Chemically, umami is associated with glutamat...
Word count: 1588
Written by: Staff
#...light aroma was sweet. Almost like a sweet chewing tobacco. Pre-light draw was very easy, and also had a sweet tobacco flavor. Burn: Very nice white/g...
Word count: 2127
Written by: Staff
#... slight sweetness. It had good finish. Overall Experience and Rating: This was just an OK cigar for me. It was smooth, had good tobacco, a good burn, and good...
Word count: 2059
Written by: Staff
#.... The taste was sweet with a little bit of a spicy kick to it at the end. Burn: Very nice white/grey ash held firm. The smoke was very cool for the du...
Word count: 1985
Written by: Staff
#...s puffing a bit sweeter. Just ask the members of Monocacy Cigar Lodge, a new club with the sole purpose of enjoying cigars and conversation with other stogie lovers in Frederick County, MD. At ...
Word count: 667
Written by: Staff
#...y earthy with a sweet aroma. Burn: Single flame torch light. Draw was great throughout but I did experience some tunneling as I passed the 1/2 way point. Needed corre...
Word count: 1929
Written by: Staff
#...ery rich aroma; sweet and earthy. Burn: Single flame torch light. Needed some correction in the beginning, but very quickly settled into a nice even burn. The draw on...
Word count: 1930

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