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Sweet spice Search Results

Your search for Sweet spice located the below Sweet spice Search Results. The Sweet spice Search Results are returned from stories published by Puff publishes stories covering Sweet spice news, Cigar Reviews, Cigar News, Cigar Forums, Cigar Videos, Cigar Interviews and more!

Written by: Staff
#...ery rich aroma; sweet and earthy. Burn: Single flame torch light. Needed some correction in the beginning, but very quickly settled into a nice even burn. The draw on...
Word count: 1930
Written by: Staff
#...s and a sweet-spicy finish. The cigar deepened a little around the halfway point but never became bitter or tarry. Smokes like a cammie. Overall Experience and Ratin...
Word count: 1769
Written by: Staff
#... note and some sweetness on the finish. This was not a well-balanced blend and the vegetal notes were a bit too prominent suggesting that the aging wasn't what it should be. ...
Word count: 1637
Written by: Craig Sholley
#...s smells. And a sweet note can remind me of molasses or sugar or honey. But sometimes the flavor is so distinct that it really does taste like the description I’m using – Juan Lopez cigars rea...
Word count: 1047
Written by: Puff Staff
#... also noticed a sweetness after the 1st third which only complimented the underlying spiciness. With the exception of a passing herbal smell-taste, the cigar did not transition ...
Word count: 2194
Written by: Puff Staff
#...azelnut sweetness in the back of the tongue. It produced a good amount of smoke after each puff. Usually, a small ring gauge cigar burned hot, but not this one. Its burn was co...
Word count: 2378
Written by: Puff Staff
#...ut. Very little sweetness, if any. It got a little hot and woody toward the end. I usually nub a smoke but I was ready to be done with this one. Overall Experience a...
Word count: 2226
Written by: HeavyMetal
#...bacco. Taste is sweet wood,c edar, and toasty tobacco with floral notes. Medium-loose draw. Burn: Lit evenly, slightly meandering burn. Off-white ash. Drink: Dow’s Boardroom Port. Smok...
Word count: 360
Written by: HeavyMetal
... tobacco aroma. Sweet wood, cedar and leather flavors. Medium draw. Burn: Lit evenly, very sharp burn throughout. Off-white/light gray ash. Drink: Starbucks Frappuccino. Smoking Notes: I...
Word count: 462
Written by: Rocketman248
#...tle raisin-like sweetness. Burn: Lit evenly and stayed even for the first inch or so. It then started burning unevenly and had to be touched up several times. Drink: Cold water Sm...
Word count: 369
Written by: Patrick
...ouch of caramel sweetness Burn:Cool even burn, right to the finish Draw:A nice tight draw, one that Reminds me of the Rocky Patel cigars I have been smoking lately Drink:Water Smokin...
Word count: 233
Written by: HeavyMetal
...edar, wood, and sweet tobacco aroma. Firm draw, but not plugged. Cedar and sweet woody taste with a faint musty cheesy note (this is a good thing). Burn: Lit evenly, slight meandering burn, ne...
Word count: 400
Written by: HeavyMetal, cedar and sweet woody taste with a bit of hot pepper spice. Burn: Lit evenly, razor sharp burn until the last ¼, then 1 minor touch up Off-white ash tinged with charcoal gray. Drink: ...
Word count: 306
Written by: Anton
...ent was kind of sweet. Once light, a lot of spice came through in the flavor but it was far from overpowerring. It actually went quite well with the Amstel Light I was drinking. Burn was sligh...
Word count: 171
Written by: Rocketman248
...Some spice with sweet notes. Medium draw. Burn: Lit evenly. Started to stray, but it soon fixed itself. Nice medium dark ash that held for over an inch and a half. Smoking notes: The first f...
Word count: 204
Written by: HeavyMetal
...Prelight: Dark, sweet tobacco taste and aroma with a medium draw. Burn: Lit evenly, straight burn, solid off-white ash. Smoking Notes: The initial tastes are a wonderful blend of cream and coc...
Word count: 355
Written by: Patrick
...u with hints of sweet spice and wood and earth. Yet, not even a touch of harshness. CAO has done it again and constructed another excellent blend for its new line of cigars. I will be buying a box...
Word count: 239
Written by: HeavyMetal, and other sweet spices on the finish. By half way, the core flavors have shifted to dark, rich tobacco, cedar, with dark chocolate and espresso notes. The salty-sour Bethune tang has also in...
Word count: 395
Written by: Rocketman248 and slightly sweet. That soon gave way to delicious toasty tobacco notes. An abundance of thick, chewy smoke. Wonderful aroma. Finished full.  Overall impression: This whole week has been a...
Word count: 313
Written by: Heavy Metal
...Prelight: Dark, sweet tobacco taste and aroma with a medium draw. Burn: Lit evenly, straight burn, solid off-white ash. Smoking Notes: The initial tastes are a wonderful blend of cream and cocoa...
Word count: 351

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