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Tasting Search Results

Your search for Tasting located the below Tasting Search Results. The Tasting Search Results are returned from stories published by Puff publishes stories covering Tasting news, Cigar Reviews, Cigar News, Cigar Forums, Cigar Videos, Cigar Interviews and more!

Written by: Staff
#...boa and doing a tasting of three (3) Laphroig single malt Scotch whiskies being purveyed by Laphroig Ambassador Simon Brookings, in a kilt and accoutrements no less. Jeffrey indicated that, &quo...
Word count: 555
Written by: Puff Staff
...complex or rich tasting. It is a good cigar, but for $30 a stick, we expected a cigar closer to the vaunted Opus X. General Cigar had a refreshing group of announcements this year.  Macanudo 196...
Word count: 1138
Written by: John St. Mark
#...Wine Tasting Basics What's the right way to taste wine? Here's the first thing you should remember: If you're enjoying it, then whatever you're doing works. You're doing it right. Analytic tast...
Word count: 1588
Written by: Staff
#... As always, the tasting was blind—our hosts replaced the band from each cigar with a numbered white paper strip. Panelists used cedar matches and butane lighters, as fluid lighters and chemica...
Word count: 487
Written by: Staff
#... Remy Cognac tasting Modelo Especial beer tasting Drink selections from Nespresso Coffee Hublot Watch display *Admission includes a $150 gift bag filled with item...
Word count: 308
Written by: Staff
#...tions to scotch tastings as well as private events. There are also regular jazz nights. Friends from their childhood days in Waltham, Allia and MacDonald had talked about going into business fo...
Word count: 1040
Written by: Staff
#...Booming down a two-lane highway toward the border, past snatches of cotton-snagged fences and around hay-hauling trailers in the dappled shade of the budding pecan trees, it's easy to forget there...
Word count: 488
Written by: Staff
... stores as wine tastings in Napa Valley. Reliable regulars Sarah Peterson, who helped oversee a recent Gurkha tasting at Club Havana Premium Cigars in the El Paseo de Saratoga shopping center,...
Word count: 1272
Written by: Staff Started off tasting like toasted bread. 1” in the toast faded, being replaced by a slight black pepper and cedar tastes. Slight smell of burning wood. Slight creamy taste mixed i...
Word count: 1634
Written by: Puff Staff
...ond Crown Cigar tasting. The world-renowned Rémy Martin cognac will be served and a representative from Rémy Martin will be happy to explain the wonderful pairing of an exquisite cigar with the ref...
Word count: 386
Written by: Staff
#... 10 p.m. Scotch tastings will occur throughout the evening. Fuller's Griffin has added more cigars to its menu, allowing guests to pair with food and spirits from various regions in the world. Ci...
Word count: 323
Written by: Staff
#...gar and alcohol tasting events and a discount on cigars. Cigars at The Cigar Bar are hand-rolled and all-natural and range from $4 to $45 for a cigar. Castiano said he's thinking about opening ...
Word count: 456
Written by: Puff Staff
...igar starts out tasting earthy and a little young. At the midpoint, the cigar gains strength with some harshness and a little spice. At the end of the smoke, the cigar became mild again although som...
Word count: 391
Written by: Staff
#... with our cigar tasting is the perfect kickoff.” The agenda for the evening features hand picked AVO cigars followed by a pleasing evening lineup of wine and cigar pairing alongside a four cour...
Word count: 506
Written by: Staff
...clude lectures, tasting sessions, contests like the Habanosommelier and the Habanos-Armangnac Trophy. Its summoning was issued by the co-presidents of Habanos S.A., the Cuban Oscar Basulto, and...
Word count: 274
Written by: Staff
#... was an average tasting cigar. Not at all complex. Very mild. The draw was just average and remained that way for the whole time. Not a lot of smoke and required a “double draw” ea...
Word count: 1769
Written by: Staff
#.... Lots of great tasting smoke. I really enjoyed this cigar and after it was done I would have preferred a full flavor Lager or Pale Ale instead of a Diet Coke. This cigar had a...
Word count: 1505
Written by: Craig Sholley
#...Some think that tasting flavors other than tobacco in cigars is a load of crap and that those who claim they can are snobs, liars or delusional, or more likely all three. Over the years I’ve ...
Word count: 1047
Written by: Puff Staff
...dy to rock at a tasting event like no other!  The La Unica North American Tour will be held in a limited number of Smokeshops around the country. Get to your local event and be part of the elit...
Word count: 6360
Written by: Puff Staff
...dy to rock at a tasting event like no other!  The La Unica North American Tour will be held in a limited number of Smokeshops around the country. Get to your local event and be part of the elite ...
Word count: 4914

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