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  1. Addressing the Elephant
  2. Long weekend coming up.....
  3. Unofficial PUFF Mottoes
  4. HillBilly Mouse Catcher
  5. Crazy Week
  6. Man-card, punched!
  7. Do You Hike or Backpack?
  8. Need a new AC unit.
  9. Trip to Pacific Northwest
  10. Mdp
  11. PM Status
  12. Never Again
  13. Intros
  14. Tropic Cigar RPG
  15. Well,well,well.....
  17. Low Carb Weight Loss Thread
  18. Flooded Out
  19. Go Falcons
  20. R U Squeamish?
  21. I'm here!
  22. I Am An IDIOT!!!!!!!!!
  23. Surgey Scheduled!
  24. We Will Never Forget
  25. Happy fathers day!
  26. Looks like Texas.......
  27. It almost time to start watching NFL Football again.
  28. I have a problem with Radio & TV advertising now a days.
  29. Customer Service use to be more then two words.
  30. E-bay no longer seem to be the place to get deals
  31. How many social media thing are you on?
  32. It's Friday, what you doing this weekend
  33. Texas police's cool surprise for 95-year-old WW2 veteran
  34. What do you miss about the good old days?
  35. Against the Wall
  36. Relocated Banter
  37. Anti-Thread Jacking Banter
  38. Congratulations 2017 Graduates
  39. Memorial day
  40. Homemade D.W
  41. Happy easter
  42. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Stogieninja
  43. Here we go again
  44. Puff.Com Running Very Slow?
  45. Hookah
  46. Pokémon
  47. First humidor
  48. 4th of July
  49. Memorable job interviews
  50. Bubble Pipe
  51. Two months in...!thanks for the camaraderie
  52. Awesome 1950's Disney No Smoking Cartoon
  53. Thank You Shemp75
  54. Humor
  55. A Silver Lining to a long break
  56. I finally got my F150 WOO HOO
  57. "Internet Trolls Really Are Psychos" Forbes
  58. holy crap we're back online
  59. time to go jump out of a perfectly good airplane!
  60. So.. My avatar may need changed
  61. POOR TASTE? "Hot Weekly Deal - The Robin Williams Memorial Sampler"‏
  62. My New Toy
  63. Dustin Johnson Suspension
  64. Curious. What happeded to Puff?
  65. Gameroom - who plays
  66. Woot! Finally hit 100 posts after 6 years!
  67. Haha! This Comic is Hilarious
  68. Looks Like Plume: Any opinions?
  69. Party, Party, Party, Paaaaaarrrtay!
  70. Remembrance……… it hurts.
  71. Still Alive - Just MIA
  72. Since it is kinda slow today....
  73. I am an old fart...
  74. Hi
  75. made it
  76. Some Bullshit Happening In Your Neighborhood
  77. Pet Peeves
  78. S.coming Again. Yay!
  79. No cigars after small skin graft?
  80. Site Adds Causing Issues
  81. Need to vent.
  82. Think you have a steady hand?
  83. A good couple of days.
  84. Short Reads - Incredible Story's
  85. Jackolanterns
  86. Where all my peeps be at?
  87. Check out my outdoor humidor!
  88. Pet Peeves List
  89. Jeepman_su...............Where you at, I'm calling you out! The time is near!
  90. Can you keep a secret?
  91. I'm not dead.......
  92. STOCK MARKET anyone?
  93. Big Down Under.
  94. Interesting facts about your family.
  95. Get to know your fellow members better! Come on in!
  96. Fun video from ISS
  97. Boston Marathon Bombed???
  98. My UZI weighs a ton
  99. Build to Fail...
  100. Is this movie for real?
  101. Will smoking cigar show up in bloodwork?
  102. Ebay Feedback Numbers.
  103. Mobile Cigar Lounge shut down
  104. The Number Game.
  105. Happy St. Patty's day!
  106. The Pets of Puff - Pics of Your Smoking Companions
  107. Today's birthdays
  108. Warning! Do not suck!
  109. The Agony of Decisions...
  110. I got it!
  111. Should not need be political...
  112. Thread dedicated to Colin (Cee-gar)
  113. Why have a huge collection of cigars when you can have just one huge cigar?
  114. So it begins.....again.
  115. The older I get the more I think I am solar powered.
  116. Wildfires
  117. Nobody drug you here
  118. Words Of Welcome
  119. My Mailbox has been blown up before but this is CRAZY!!!
  120. my 2 cents....
  121. figures., more closed threads
  122. Closed threads
  123. End Of The World.
  124. This forum is 18+ right?
  125. Happy Holidays
  126. And I'M BACK!
  127. Tired of the Glow Worm pushing people around? Join me!
  128. Tired of the L.O.B. pushing people around? Join me!
  129. Mailing stuff out
  130. Thanksgiving meal at work anyone?
  131. The college just doesnt understand lol
  132. Something Different
  133. Fricking fraking frazaracking!!!!
  134. Cigar/Pipe Bomb Letters....post your best one!
  135. T.G.I.F.
  136. A brief note on post whoring... And tolerating it...
  137. Attention all Puff Ladies!
  138. I come here to discuss cigars...
  139. CLOSED.......
  140. Wanted to apologize for the negative feedback on i-trader
  141. The Endeavour's Journey
  142. Hot Sauce contest at work.
  143. Mail theives
  144. My Afternoon in Hell - the Police - and My "Elderly" Father - a short story...
  145. My 5th day?
  146. How does VHerf work?
  147. Talk about "missing your target audience."
  148. Proud of my Eagle Scout!
  149. Wish the smurf some luck...Promotional interview
  150. DIY Portable Hammock Stand
  151. This economy STILL sucks...
  152. All of y'all are in deep trouble!
  153. After a few years......
  154. Well after a rough week so far..... Some GREAT NEWS!!!
  155. Help my wife out
  156. So long, Endeavour and all the shuttles
  157. A week in training
  158. Pale Horse called me a WHORE!!!
  159. International Talk Like a Pirate Day
  160. Who is johnnyblaze?!?!
  161. Hey Texas People
  162. Got another Cisco Cert
  163. College victims check in!
  164. 9/11/12 what a day....
  165. Help Neighbor In Gerber Generation Photo Contest Please
  166. Clear the air
  167. Gauging Interest: Birthday thread???
  168. Cigar Dream
  169. Can't we all just.....get along?
  170. New Avatar and a farewell to the Squids.....
  171. United Association apprenticeship
  172. Zilla Sighting
  173. Pursuing my career goals.....
  174. Did the earth just move?
  175. Son of a b*t*h
  176. Popular Tags.
  177. Have you ever noticed...
  178. My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!
  179. I'm Sorry, I Need to Vent.
  180. Net back on at home.
  181. Eleigh's couch: get something off your chest...
  182. Moving on...
  183. Happy Birthday, Michigan_Moose!
  184. A moment for fallen lighters
  185. Sex Kills!!!!
  186. Got my assignment! Bound for Biloxi!
  187. Mmmmm
  188. Anyone else notice a resemblance?
  189. With all the new Texans comin' to Puff...
  190. Trilobyte's New Pipe Tamper
  191. deep - make some room in your inbox!
  192. Just one of those days....
  193. Don't you hate it when...
  194. Yea...you know this one...
  195. happy birthday szyzk!!
  196. Hello I'm new, please help
  197. Living situation
  198. camping at silver lake california for my 30th birthday
  199. Have a BADASS weekend!!!!!
  200. Some luck and maybe sadness
  201. Happy Birthday Sarge!!!!!!!!!
  202. A year ago today...
  203. Best Decision I ever made!
  204. Blew My Own Mind
  205. The goof off thread
  206. this country song is playing backwards.
  207. C-130 rollin down the strip
  208. happy birthday gibson_es!
  209. what are your thoughts on the UC post directly beneath the other UC post
  210. HOLY CRAP!
  211. asmartbull.....
  212. One of those days... And how a good cigar can make it right
  213. Anybody watch "Jepoardy" tonight?
  214. Pay your hookers when abroad
  215. The Boy Scouts kicked my A$$
  216. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Engineer99!!!!
  217. Happy Easter
  218. Puff poetry_intro
  219. Seperated at Birth???
  220. Lawnmowers!
  221. Things I Learned in VHerf
  222. It's 1am on a friday....
  223. Sometimes Danfish talks to himself...
  224. Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
  225. Getting ack to Basics
  226. Hey where is everyone tonight?
  227. Guess who is back!!!!
  228. All but mortgage
  229. Derek our favorite little ninja as a kid!!!!!
  230. searching for new avatar issues...
  231. My Dog is Gone...Not "Gone"...Just Gone!
  232. Congrats Giants fans
  233. You have to love family! LOL
  234. Friend of mine WIA..
  235. lol die droid die!!!!
  236. happy 60th birthday smelvis!!
  237. Things I Learned In Puff Chat
  238. It seems my avatar's days are numbered.
  239. If Ouirknotamuzd and Vicini had a love child...
  240. What just happened in Puff chat
  241. Pissing about the Ex
  242. I bid ZK a fond farewell.....
  243. My Wife Hates My Latest Brainstorm?
  244. Happy Birthday to The United States Marine Corps
  245. Like My New Avatar? Fight Anti-Tobacco Nazis. Reject the Regime.
  246. Which Puffer was this?
  247. A proud husband
  248. Stop being so nice and helpful! Jeez!
  249. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sandeep (djangos)!!!!!!!
  250. Its not "Goodbye", its "See you later"