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  1. Fellow L.E.O crashed his motorcycle in Argentina.
  2. R.I.P. Senator John McCain
  3. Prayer Request
  4. Prayer Request
  5. Prayers Needed.
  6. Prayers requested for a sick child
  7. Easter is upon us!
  8. R.I.P Chuck Berry
  9. RIP Bill Paxton
  10. R.I.P Frank Russo
  11. Rocky top
  12. Pray for my Step Brother
  13. Happy Earth Day!!!!
  14. A Prayer of Thanksgiving for Passover
  15. R.I.P. Brother
  17. R.I.P Uncle Pat
  18. Sweatin' the Test...
  19. Pray for my dad.
  20. Prayer for the Christmas Season
  21. Veteran's Day
  22. Thoughts and Prayers go out to Forrest @
  23. Up late tonight
  24. My sunshine......
  25. My 3 year old grandson lays in children's hospital tonight
  26. R.I.P. Robin Williams
  27. R.I.P James Garner
  28. When it rains, it pours; what doesn't kill you makes you hurt like hell
  29. Lonely night at my house
  30. R.I.P. TUCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  31. Please say a prayer for my sister.
  32. Memorial Day
  33. prayers please.
  34. Happy Easter!
  35. just a small problem in scheme of things
  36. Lost my brother yesterday
  37. For the Soldiers, Staff, Families, and Community of Fort Hood, TX
  38. my baby niece
  39. R.I.P. Bill Kelly
  40. Say a Prayer Please for Mr. William Kelly
  41. I Miss you Daddy!!
  42. Please say a prayer for my Dad.
  43. prayer for healing
  44. Thanks
  45. Lost One of the Strongest Women I've Ever Had the Pleasure of Knowing
  46. My Treasure
  47. Lost a True American Hero Last Weekend
  48. Lost a dear friend.
  49. Surgery on My torn Tricep
  50. Lost my Mom
  51. Sending A Prayer Out To...
  52. Kevin keith
  53. A PRAYER
  54. 10 Days in Hell
  55. Lost a Great Soldier, A Great Coach, and a Great Man
  56. Smelvis
  57. R.I.P DaveVA
  58. Today I honor a Brother in Blue
  59. our son limdull
  60. Just when I though things were getting better
  61. Death
  62. Dream Job
  63. Rescue Me R.I.P!
  64. R.I.P Stormen Norman!
  65. Moment Of Silence at 9:30 AM
  66. 3+ years ago my life was nearly takenm, one of the attackers is being sentenced
  67. Keep OUR Little Angels in your prayers today
  68. Names and Ages of the "Little Angels"
  69. Yet Another School Shooting...
  70. These poor innocent kids
  71. For my wife and unborn daughter
  72. Thoughts and prayers for the troops and their families.
  73. Prayer Request
  74. House Wars
  75. I need me some 3-P action...Puff Prayer Power!
  76. R.I.P
  77. Some Good News on the Motor Officer
  78. R.I.P
  79. Son had a slight concussion
  80. UPDATE On motor officer
  81. update on My dog
  82. Returning to work part-time on Monday
  83. Sandy: Everyone, PLEASE
  84. Need Prayers For A Motor Officer Friend
  85. A close friend recently ended his life.. his family is hurting.
  86. Just need some encouragement.
  87. Friends and Fam
  88. For my foster mom...
  89. Taking the LSAT
  90. Marines at Camp Leatherneck
  91. Happy Birthday Cigar Man Andy!
  92. Never Forget!!!
  93. Saddest Story I've witnessed
  94. applied for a new job
  95. The Hurricane has landed
  96. Prayers needed..
  97. My little Tough Guy needs some prayers
  98. R.I.P. Brother we will take it from here
  99. Son having muscle biopsy
  100. 2wakes tomorrow
  101. thank u all and tke1741
  102. Just a quick thought and prayer needed
  103. Sad news for the family
  104. thoughts and prayers needed
  105. My Chrise's 53 Birthday would of been today.
  106. Need some support
  107. It just gets worse...
  108. Bad vibes needed!
  109. For me and my kidney
  110. Interview Tomorrow
  111. For my family and myself....
  112. R.I.P Donna Summer
  113. For my Grandpa......
  114. A few good thoughts for Tash.
  115. One Step forward 10 steps back...
  116. Unemployment Blues may finally end tour!
  117. Lest We Forget.
  118. R.I.P Dick Clark
  119. For my grandma
  120. When it hits home...
  121. My newborn son is very sick...
  122. For me please!
  123. Generosity and Prayers for BOTL's
  124. Prayer Request
  125. Please say a prayer for SCOTTW
  126. Please pray for my fiance and her family
  127. not a fan of these odds.......
  128. Thoughts needed - Job front
  129. My mom passed away...
  130. RIP Davy Jones
  131. good good day today
  132. hurt on the job
  133. I could use some Prayers on the Job Front
  134. Pray for Peyton "P4P"
  135. Kind of selfish of me but....
  136. R>i>p whitney
  137. RIP To An Inspirational Young Woman
  138. Thoughts and Prayer Are Appreciated
  139. Rest in peace, George
  140. My first sermon - Thanks for ther preayers, kind words and support!
  141. Help me out with a prayer?
  142. Help wanted: all prayers and faiths accepted...
  143. Two Friends Need A Blessing.
  144. Virginia Tech's slain officer
  145. Happy Birthday Arnie.
  146. Lost my basset today
  147. Happy Birthday Patrick (Bigtotoro)!!
  148. Fellow firefighter hurt
  149. Happy Birthday Zenom!!
  150. Somber Holiday Season
  151. wife, UPDATE
  152. It will be a somber Thanksgiving
  153. Brutus - Thoughts and Prayers
  154. R.I.P Smokin Joe!!!!!!!!!!!
  155. dads there too
  156. Prayers For Smokin Joe Frazier!
  157. Could use some good thoughts
  158. please pray for me
  159. GOD BLESS us ALL!
  160. R.I.P Mrs Murphy
  161. wife in hospital, 35 weeks pregnant
  162. Layoffs......
  163. Thank You Steve Jobs
  164. Paul the tobacmon needs our prayers!
  165. R.I.P Austin
  166. Please say a prayer tonight......
  167. calling all cigars
  168. Life lessons i learned too late
  169. The good...the bad...the LOVELY
  170. EOD Wounded Warrior
  171. Tragedy in Russia...
  172. Pray for Bastrop Texas
  173. Cancer Steals a Great One
  174. my daughter jesi
  175. I hesitated on doing this
  176. When it rains it pours
  177. A dear friend in a coma
  178. Lost my Brother way to soon
  179. Very Sad please pray for them!
  180. Need help finding my father in law in fishing accident
  181. Thoughts and prayers for my fiancee
  182. My Dad Passed Away Today
  183. Wife having surgery.....
  184. So... 100 MPH winds?
  185. June 6th
  186. my dad has me scared big time!
  187. Memorial Day Tribute in Boston Common
  188. Young girl with a big problem
  189. Need all the prayers I can get..
  190. Lost an old friend.
  191. May He Rest in Peace
  192. Thoughts and Prayers
  193. Captain Lisa Jane Head - Bomb Disposal Regiment, British Armed Forces
  194. My grandma passed today
  195. Prayers Please!
  196. Smoke one for Sampson Tonight
  197. Please say a prayer for friend.....
  198. I lost my Grandpa today...
  199. My best friend's Boxer collapsed tonight
  200. Good thoughts
  201. Prayers please
  202. emotional times
  203. I'll miss you Papa
  204. Irene
  205. A prayer can do alot
  206. applying for this tomorrow!!
  207. Thoughts and Prayers, Please.
  208. Please light one up for.
  209. To the people of QLD, Australia. :-(
  210. Egypt
  211. A prayer for my family...
  212. Please say a prayer for IMPD officer.....
  213. Say a little prayer for us
  214. 2 St. Petersburg, Fl. Officers killed
  215. Got a smoke one for.....
  216. My dog
  217. Folly Rocks
  218. Abe Froman
  219. December 7th 1941
  220. Goodbye Billy
  221. Need some prayers guys!
  222. NZ Coal Miners Lost.
  223. Lest We Forget.
  224. All Dogs Go To Heaven...Right?
  225. Mom has cancer
  226. Follow up
  227. Mother Passed
  228. Been away for awhile
  229. September 11th 9 years later
  230. What about the Police or Fire Men and Women?
  231. Thank you to the community on
  232. Please smoke one of your finest
  233. CH (CPT) Dale Goetz Died for our Country
  234. Moderator Sam "Cypress" hurt in Motorcycle Accident
  235. Going to be a New Father again
  236. Always more? Prayers please!
  237. lost a soldier
  238. Wish them well!
  239. LC Henderson 1927-2010
  240. In Memory of James Tucker
  241. Julie Ann Smitley
  242. house foreclosure
  243. Deployment winding down!
  244. Commonsenseman Jr?
  245. Thoughts and Prayers
  246. Billy a good Friend of Mine
  247. 5 Years ago today!
  248. Stuck in the middle of nowhere
  249. I don't even know what to say at this point
  250. Job Interview