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  1. Seattle Mini-HERF
  2. Need Rocky Mountain Cigar Fest Tix
  3. SoCal BBQ Herf 6.0
  4. Colorado Cigar Aficionados Group
  5. Western Maricopa County AZ - Cigar Club
  6. Cave Creek, AZ - Oliva Event - Third Anniversery Party - Sat 6/17/2017
  7. Small event in Seattle
  8. Cigar & Spirits Magazine's 7th Annual West Coast Cigar & Spirits Tasting
  9. Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival
  10. 5th Annual So Cal BBQ Herf
  11. Caldwell event at Maxamar's in Orange CA
  12. Cigar smoker Boxing event!
  13. Gilbert Arizona-Frieday October 28th.- Noon to 10 pm.
  14. Special Release cigars
  15. 4th Annual So Cal BBQ Herf
  16. What region does Texas fall in?
  17. Sons of Liberty Beer & BBQ Herf
  18. Morongo's Smoking Good Times - Cabazon, CA
  19. Meet Bill Paley of La Palina Cigars at Ohlone Cigar Lounge on 10/21
  20. So Cal Brewery Oktoberfest / BBW / Herf
  21. BBQ Herf
  22. Rocky Mountain Cigar Fest Contest!
  23. Cigars And More Bakersfield
  24. My Father Cigars Event at Ohlone Cigar Lounge in Fremont, CA on June 17th
  25. Drew Estate Event at Ohlone Cigar Lounge in Fremont, CA on May 20th
  26. So Cal BBQ Herf
  27. Anyone know of a good cigar lounge in the Palm Springs CA area?
  28. Los Angeles cigar bar/lounge recommendations...
  29. going to be in Anaheim/Costa Mesa
  30. California Mega Herf
  31. Brewfest - Raley Field, Sacramento
  32. Rocky Mountain Cigar Fest - Broomfield, CO
  33. French Valley
  34. New B&SOTL Group
  35. Boise: So what's the lowdown?
  36. SoCal BBQ Herf
  37. Northwest Washington Cigar Event
  38. Spirit of Little Havana to visit The Paso Robles Thursday April 17
  39. Anyone up for a Herf & Trade in So Cal area???
  40. Smoke Lounge in Sunnyvale area?
  41. Inland Empire Cigar Mixer
  42. Inland Empire Herf - Is there interest?
  43. Northern California : do you know a cigar roller in the area?
  44. Reno pipe clubs?
  45. Grand Opening Helios Cigar Lounge in Riverside CA
  46. Viaje Event with Andre Farkas at Maxamar Cigars in Orange Ca.
  47. Drew Estate Event at Ohlone Cigar Lounge in Fremont October 17th
  48. Davidoff Nicaragua Event at Maxamars in Orange, CA 8-22-13
  49. Custom Tobacco Company Launch Party in LA- Free and open to the public!
  50. July 13th Smoky Joe's
  51. IPCPR Roll Call
  52. Calling all Los Angeles cigar aficionados: Cigar Night in LA!
  53. Casa Fuente
  54. Meet Bill Paley of La Palina Cigars at Ohlone Cigar Lounge
  55. GAR Deli with George Rico at Ohlone Cigar Lounge!
  56. May SoCal Herf
  57. Going to Las Vegas from Hawaii for a few days.
  58. fair oaks cigars?
  59. Cigar of the Year Party at Ohlone Cigar Lounge in Fremont, CA - April 17
  60. Glen Case, owner of Kristoff coming to So Cal April 23-26th
  61. April 13th at Smokey Joes
  62. Matt Booth from Room 101 Cigars at Ohlone Cigar Lounge Friday 3/22
  63. Herf at Smokey Joes March 9th
  64. Herf at Smokey Joes, this Wednesday, Feb 27!
  65. Triple Threat cigar event at Ohlone Cigar Lounge in Fremont, CA - February 20th
  66. Any Place to smoke inside??
  67. February SoCal Herf
  68. 7-9 Mar Vegas herf
  69. NEW One Shot One Kill event this Thursday at Maxamars in Orange.
  70. NorCal Herf 1/20
  71. Phoenix, here I come.
  72. Herf at Joe's da 12th
  73. LAX Herf
  74. Day trip to Reno
  75. Herf dates and times
  76. Herf at Smokey Joes December 8th
  77. Coming Home to So Cal for my B-day weekend
  78. December So Cal Herf
  79. Cigar Club Modesto 11-29-12 HERF
  80. So Cal herf tomorrow Nov 20th @ Maxamar's in Orange.
  81. Any good shops for smoking in the winter months?
  82. CigarGirlie Smurf-off
  83. MontyTheMooch in SoCal yet again
  84. Blind HERF tonight at the Ohlone Cigar Lounge
  85. Andyone coming to the "The Big Smoke" Las Vegas?
  86. Manuel Quesada at the Ohlone Cigar Lounge in Fremont on November 16th
  87. Hand Roll Your Own Workshop -- Havana Cigar Club Apple Valley, CA
  88. Islands Cigar Lounge
  89. November 10th Herf at Smokey Joe's
  90. Sunday November 4th. Vicini coming to So Cal
  91. NorCal Nov herf...Mission Pipe in Pleasanton
  92. 262 Revere Release
  93. Herf this month
  94. 10/11 5pmto ?? Apple Valley, CA -- Havana Cigar Club Member Appreciation Night!
  95. Alec Bradley event at Ohlone Cigar Lounge in Fremont, CA - October 24th
  96. Kristoff Event in Santa Barbara October 20th..
  97. So Cal Oktoberfest Herf
  98. Possible SoCal Tripp coming up
  99. Kristoff Event at Zafuto's Cigar Haven in Ontario, CA - October 19th
  100. Mid Week Hefr, Wednesday Sept 26 - 6 pm @ Maxamar Ultimate Cigars - Orange California
  101. October herf opportunity (NorCal)
  102. MontyTheMooch in da house.
  103. Stone Brew Cigar Dinner
  104. September North Cal Herf
  105. So Cal September Herf
  106. Apple Valley, CA -- Havana Cigar Club Grand Opening!
  107. Las Vegas Cigar Event
  108. SoCal Drew Estate Cigar Dinner
  109. September Herf at Smokey Joes
  110. san fran herf sept
  111. Camacho Cigar Tasting
  112. Inland Empire Cigar Night Business Networking Mixer
  113. August So Cal Traveling Herf
  114. My Father Cigars event at Ohlone Cigar Lounge in Fremont, CA - August 15th
  115. Mission Inn Cigar Night 8/3
  116. Its Vegas Baby!! 7/25-7/27
  117. August herf?
  118. Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival
  119. So Cal Traveling Herf Ideas
  120. North Cal Herf
  121. July SoCal Herf
  122. Drew Estate and Joya de Nicaragua Event at Ohlone Cigar Lounge
  123. Herf at Smokey Joe's July 21st
  124. Looking for a good B&M in San Diego
  125. July Events at Havana Cigar Club -- Apple Valley, CA
  126. Headed for Las Vegas (Henderson, actually) Herf potential.
  127. June So Cal Herf part 2
  128. Coming out to Northern CA
  129. Oliva Event at Ohlone Cigar Lounge in Fremont, CA June 20th
  130. Herf at Ohlone Cigar Lounge Wed June 13th
  131. Smokey Joe's Herf Saturday June 9th
  132. June Events at Havana Cigar Club -- Apple Valley, CA
  133. So Cal June Herf
  134. Anyone been to the Grand Smoke in Long Beach?
  135. Rockey Patel Cigar Night -- Apple Valley, CA
  136. Mark @ Smokey Joes can Kiss My **S
  137. May So Cal Herf
  138. Rocky Patel in Fremont,Calif. Live May 16th
  139. April 27 San Lotano event @ Rain City
  140. Crush and Roll West 2012
  141. April 14th Herf at Smokey Joe's
  142. Casa Fuente tomorrow
  143. Any Interest in a Nor Cal Herf?
  144. March 17th Herf at Smokey Joe's
  145. San Diego HERF w/Stinky Wednesday, Feb.29th-2012 ?
  146. Glen Case of KRISTOFF is coming to So Cal
  147. So Cal February Herf Sat 2/11
  148. February Herf at Smokey Joes 11th!
  149. January SoCal Herf
  150. Eugene Oregon Cigar Bar's?
  151. Smokey Joes January 14th
  152. Anyone around Sunday 12
  153. December 10th WA Herf at Smokey Joe's!
  154. December So Cal Herf - Dennis's birthday herf
  155. Monthly herf November 12th Smokey Joe's
  156. Anyone attending events in Eugene Oregon?
  157. mini herf
  158. SoCal Herf for November..... 20 November, Ontario
  159. Big Smoke Vegas!!
  160. Herfapalooza!!!!
  161. Herfing with Castaweb and Cigarnoob & kin
  162. PDX Tuesday 10/18/11 at Kell's
  163. Impromptu late night Portland Herf
  164. My Father event W/ Jaime Garcia at Bo's Cigar lounge
  165. Scottsdale Cigar Week
  166. Lunch at Joe's Friday the 7th
  167. Herf at Smokey Joe's October 15th?
  168. Nestor Miranda @ Taylors Cigar Lounge in Long Beach CA Oct 8th
  169. Cigar Spirits Festival
  170. October So Cal Herf
  171. Cigar King Winter Series Events
  172. Jonathan Drew at Cigar King
  173. Fresno, CMF this Saturday
  174. NFL Kickoff Party
  175. September 10th Smokey Joes, WA Herf
  176. Alec Bradley Black Market
  177. SoCal Herf for September
  178. Short Notice...... Sorry
  179. La Gloria Cubana event Aug. 19th @ Zafuto's
  180. Gauging Interest in a Puff BBQ
  181. Team WA herf Aug 13th
  182. 08/11 Studio Tobac 2011 world tour @Smokey Joes
  183. Washington crew, Smokey Joes today! 7/9/11
  184. Phoenix events
  185. Bo's Cigar Lounge Rocky Patel Event July 14th Long Beach
  186. Vacation in Reno
  187. I am coming to visit.. who wants to meet up?
  188. 916 herf
  189. Next SoCal Herf
  190. Next Herf, June 11th at Smokey Joe's
  191. Calling out all SoCal BOTL's.......
  192. Oliva event May 20 @Rain City
  193. JULY 16th-JULY 21st Las Vegas
  194. San Lotano event at Yuma Cigars
  195. Herf at Smokey Joe's - May 14
  196. Fox cigar bar
  197. Torono event April [email protected] JnJ SODO, Seattle
  198. Vegas - Anyone been to RHUMBAR?
  199. Third annual Buddha/Moose charity herf June 11th in So Cal
  200. New Cigar Event: Seattle Cigar Expo 2011
  201. Joya De Nicaragua 4-16 Dr. Alejandro!
  202. Sacramento Oliva Event April 8th
  203. Cigars, Beer and Poker
  204. Team WA - Smokey Joe's April 9
  205. North End Cigar night! April 5th
  206. Torano evemt @ Zafuto's Cigar Haven
  207. Carlos Torano in Scottsdale
  208. Looking for reputable Cigar shops in Beverley Hills, CA
  209. Team WA Herf, March 12th @ Smokey Joe's
  210. Berger&Argenti @ JnJ SODO, March 10th
  211. Sacramento Cigar-Friendly Places?
  212. Liga Privada?
  213. Cigar Mas Fino in Fresno Ca. HELP!!!
  214. Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival
  215. Zafuto's-Perdomo Event, March 4th, Ontario
  216. Buying cigars from out of state
  217. Team WA Herf Smokey Joes Feb 12th
  218. Perdomo Event - Broadway Cigar
  219. Southern CA Meet Glen Case, Owner of Kristoff Cigars
  220. Zigari Cigar Lounge Event,Jan 28,Ontario
  221. Herfin' in the Willamette Valley (Oregon) - January 29th, 2011
  222. any smokers near Pullman/Moscow?
  223. Team WA Herf Smoky Joes 1/8/11
  224. Scottsdale AZ Happy Hour Herf this Wednesday...
  225. Scottsdale Happy Hour Herf - Wed. Dec 8th
  226. Smoky Joe's November 13th
  227. Lunch at Joe's Today 11/5
  228. East Valley HERF! Interested?
  229. Alec Bradley Event - Shades of Havana
  230. Smoke Easy in Selton Washington - Anyone Coming?
  231. October 9th - Team WA GtG at Smokey Joe's
  232. Looking for a place to have a cigar in Medford, Or
  233. Vinotemp for sale on CL
  234. Places to Smoke
  235. Little Creek Cigar Event
  236. Friday Lunch at Smokey Joe's
  237. Herftastic Herfables @ Smokey Joe's - Sept 11th
  238. Vegas Baby! Big Smoke is coming
  239. Denver area - general cigar to celebrate its 50th anniversary
  240. Box Pass BBQ, My House in Kirkland AUG 7th
  241. August 14th - Beat the Heat at Joe's!
  242. DE No. 9 @ Maxamars on 7/15
  243. Don Pepin Garcia @ Smokey Joes - July 15th, 2010
  244. The Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival
  245. Liberty BBQ? July 3rd
  246. TAT event with PJ
  247. TAT event with PJ
  248. July 10th - Smoke Good @ Joe's
  249. Leaving the rise for the set...
  250. New Shop - JnJ Seattle