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  1. Georgia herf
  2. Myrtle beach
  3. Memphis Meet Up
  4. The 2019 Texas Cigar Festival
  5. Northern Georgia?
  6. The Great Smoke (West Palm Beach, FL) - 2019
  7. romacraft event @ Ligero House
  8. Raleigh, NC - What happened to Empire Cigars
  9. Any Texas BOTL'S want to get together?
  10. Joya Cigars with Dr. Cuenca!
  11. SW Florida here!
  12. Favorite shop in Orlando area?
  13. Middle TN
  14. Ribbon Cutting for New LA Lounge
  15. Gurkha in Southern LA
  16. Any Texas Folks out there? Cigar rolling Class 6/18
  17. CigarBQue-Austin-May 19th
  18. 2016 Raleigh TAPS Pipe & Tobacco Expo
  19. Golf Trip To Hilton Head on April 15th!
  20. Warped Event @ Blue Havana II Alpharetta 9/25
  21. 2015 Texas Cigar Fest
  22. Warped Event @ Corona Cigars 4/10 and 4/11
  23. Panhandle Puffers Toke n' Stroke outing
  24. Herfing All The Time
  25. Anyone in the Panhandle?
  27. JR Cigar is moving......Statesville to Mooresville, NC.....wooohooo
  28. I travel a lot so....
  29. New Lounge in the Houston Area - R & J Cigars #2 - Open for Herfs!
  30. Nashville B&Ms
  31. Nick Perdomo at Cigar Merchant in lafayette 6/11/14
  32. CATS-Fest 2, Bulverde TX, 5/30-6/1 2014
  33. JR Smokin' in the Carolinas 6/7/14
  34. East Texans? (Tyler/Athens Area)
  35. The Great Smoke and hanging out in Florida- pic heavy
  36. Florida. Anyone going to the big smoke? Feb. 22nd?
  37. Dallas - Cigar Warehouse 75 and Royal/Forest
  38. Carolina Cigar Society
  39. Liga in stock
  40. Drew Estate @ Fincks on main.
  41. Cuban Pig Roast and Herf - Saturday, October 5, 2013
  42. Anyone in Raleigh area?
  43. C4 July Lunch Herf
  44. Smokin' ac3s poker tournament pictures
  45. Northern viginia event in alexandria
  46. C4 May Lunch Herf - 14th at noon
  47. Drew estate event
  48. Drew estate event
  49. Drew Estate Event w/ Jonathan Drew and Willie Herrera
  50. Drew Estate event featuring Jonathan Drew and Willy Herrera.
  51. Rocky Patel xikar event
  52. Hotlanta herfs
  53. MAY 25th
  54. Cuban Pig Roast w/ XiKAR and LFD at The Cigar Shop, Biloxi
  55. Cuban Pig Roast feat. Xikar and LFD at The Cigar Shop, Biloxi
  56. This Saturday, March 16, from 12:00pm to 5:00pm The Cigar Shop, Biloxi will be hostin
  57. Cuban Pig Roast feat. Xikar and LFD at The Cigar Shop, Biloxi
  58. Tamiami Cigar Bar - Naples, FL (Opening?)
  59. Texas Cigar Festival (serious Cigars)
  60. Any near by puffers?
  61. Cigar-friendly restaurant in Huntersville?
  62. Perdomo Cigar Party Hosted by Billy Perdomo-Smoke Inn Cigars, Vero Beach
  63. Jose Blanco Cigar Time SugarLand
  64. The Cigar Shop presents Nish Patel
  65. The Cigar Shop proudly presents Nish Patel
  66. The Cigar Shop presents Nish Patel
  67. Joya de Nicaragua Event with Jose Blanco at Anstead's new location
  68. Captiva Island/Ft. Myers
  69. Drew Estate event in Huntersville 1/11/13
  70. ALEC BRADLEY @ Cigar Time hope u can make it
  71. Ben Lee, Emilio Cigar and Paul Markel, S.O.T.G.
  73. Emilio Cigar with BEN LEE
  74. Student of the Gun book signing, and Emilio Cigar
  75. Student of the Gun book signing
  76. Student of the Gun book signing
  77. SOTG Book Signing Press Release
  78. EMILIO CIGAR with Ben Lee
  79. Nashville Cigar Shops/Bars
  80. RoMa Craft Tobac Event & Cromagnon Launch
  81. Chapel Cigars Annual Christmas Party Bash
  82. Atlanta Christmas Herf hosted by C4 Cigar Club
  83. C4 Christmas Herf - 12-22-12
  84. Meet and Greet w/ Heather Phillips Heavenly/ Red Lion Cigars
  85. Meet and Greet, Heather Phillips, CEO Heavenly Cigar, at The Cigar Shop, Biloxi
  86. Meet and Greet w/ Heather Phillips at The Cigar Shop, Biloxi
  87. New group "Old Dominion Smokers"
  88. Mobile Cigar Lounge - Raleigh, NC - Open for Business
  89. Maduro Cigar Bar & Lounge in Little Rock Arkansas is Hiring for Cigar Lounge Clerk
  90. Red Lion (Heavenly Cigars) with Heather 11-30
  91. ZINO Platinum Mobile Lounge Tour at The CIGAR SHOP, Biloxi
  92. ZP Mobile Lounge Tour at The Cigar Shop, Biloxi.
  93. Zino Platinum Mobile Lounge Tour at The Cigar Shop, Biloxi
  94. Zino Platinum Mobile Lounge at The Cigar Shop, Biloxi
  95. ZINO Platinum Mobile Lounge Tour presented by The Cigar Shop in Biloxi
  96. Houston Torano Event Fri Nov 16
  97. Meet Nick Perdomo at Stogies Fine Cigars in Kendall Florida!
  98. Kristoff / Quesada Event
  100. Plan on enjoying some time at Harbor Cigars in Destin.
  101. Poker? Fort Worth
  102. Killeen Cen-Tex hangout!
  103. Tampa Cigar Bash
  104. 14th Annual Ybor City Cigar Festival
  105. Maryville, Knoxville, Sevierville area
  106. Alec Bradley in Houston 10/12/2012
  107. Nov. 14th Port Charlotte Tobacco Locker herf!
  108. What are some places to smoke in Jackson, MS
  109. Maduro Cigar Bar & Lounge in Little Rock Accepting Applications
  110. Lubbock and West Texas area!
  111. CIGARMAGEDDON with Matt Booth
  112. ROOM 101 with Matt BOOTH
  113. Meet matt booth
  114. Lunch at Corona Cigar - Sand Lake
  115. Hey you Texans! I'm coming to Dallas on 9/19
  116. Pete Johnson at Havana Connections
  117. C4 September Lunch Herf 2012
  118. Any B&M suggestions in Memphis?
  119. Meet the man
  120. Mini Herf 8/29/12 Coronas Sand Lake Orlando FL
  122. Lubbock Puffers
  123. Where to go in Houston
  124. Headed to Oak Ridge TN - Sept 25 to 27
  125. Cigar Club in North Charleston
  126. Houston Herf Tonight - Serious Cigar's JFK Location - 7PM
  127. LFD Digger Challenge at The Cigar Shop in Biloxi, MS
  128. LFD Digger Challenge at The Cigar Shop in Biloxi
  129. LFD Digger Challenge at The Cigar Shop, Biloxi
  130. Rocky Patel Event 7/27 at Havana Jims in Allen Tx
  131. Serious Cigars #3 Official Grand Opening
  132. Serious Cigars opens store #3 in Houston
  133. IPCPR in Orlando August 4th
  134. FuenYbor Herf Report
  135. Moving to Arlington
  136. Gathering at Finks San Antonio Bandera Rd.
  137. Meetup Time!
  138. NOCC - The New Orleans Cigar Club
  139. Davidoff White Label Event- The Smoke Ring Sugar Land
  140. Dulles airport area cigar bar? Good regular bar?
  141. IPCPR HERFs?
  142. C4 June Lunch Herf
  143. Ashton Taste of Excellence, The Cigar Shop in Biloxi
  144. Ashton Taste of Excellence at The Cigar Shop, Biloxi
  145. Ashton Taste of Excellence at The Cigar Shop in Biloxi.
  146. Ashton Taste of Excellence at The Cigar Shop in Biloxi
  147. 2 Cigar events in Dallas Tx on same day (5/26/12) lets GO!!!
  148. Red Meat & Cigar Club of Texas - May Herfs
  149. Georgia Puff Herf Pre-Planning
  150. Orlando, where's the best....
  151. Ybor Herf this summer
  152. June 2nd Herf at Maduro Lounge
  153. Places to smoke/decent shops in Nashville/Franklin
  154. C4 Club's May Lunch Herf
  155. Inception Cigars Release Party - Houston Area
  156. RMCCTX Non-Profit Herf
  157. Smoking Jacket Event with Perdomo Cigars, The Cigar Shop, Biloxi
  158. Smoking Jacket Event with Perdomo Cigars.
  159. Smoking Jacket Event with Perdomo Cigars
  160. Meet up/Herf with the numismaniac in Charleston, SC at the end of May
  161. Milan Tobacconists Hosts Carlos 'Carlito' Fuente Jr. (5/26)
  162. Crawfish boil - Cigars!!!! 4-28-12
  163. Cigar/Wine Pairing Event Feb. 28 at Collierville(memphis area) B & M
  164. Emilio Cigars, Xikar, Stockpot Challenge Event!
  165. Emilio Cigars, Xikar, Stockpot Challenge Event
  166. Emilio Cigars, Xikar, Stockpot Challenge Event
  167. New event this year in San Antonio
  168. Pipe Club Meeting (cigars welcome)
  169. Texas Cigar Festival 4/14/12
  170. Meet Nick Perdomo in Hollywood Florida!
  171. Saturday Night in Raleigh?
  172. New member in Mandeville looking for a few good smoking buddies
  173. Town Centre Tobacco & Wine
  174. Regular Friday Night HERF in Memphis
  175. GURKHA EVENT, Cigar Shop, Biloxi
  176. Panacea Azul - The Cameroon Cyber Herf and the new VA Wine and Cigar Trail
  177. Serious Cigars Holiday Party
  178. Good pipe shops in Ft Worth/Tarrant Co?
  179. Austin area herf..
  180. 12/17/2011 Rocky Patel Event at The "World Famous" Cigar Bar
  181. Atlanta Christmas Herf with the C4 Cigar Club
  182. Full moon herf
  183. Where to go in New Orleans
  184. $25 for $50 to Stogies World Class Cigars on Living Social
  185. Perdomo event in brandon
  186. On leave possible nov herf!
  187. 3rd Not-Quite Annual Pork and Snork
  188. had an event at the TinderBox today..
  189. Headed over to NOLA for the Bears Saints Games this weekend
  190. Anything in Nashville
  191. Low Country Boil and Herf! Sept 17th
  192. Meet Nick Perdomo and Billy Perdomo in Port St. Lucie Florida!
  193. Alec Bradley Cigars @ The "World Famous" Cigar Bar
  194. Smokin' ac3s poker tournament
  195. Anyone up for a Charleston area herf?
  196. Fuente Lounge in Ybor City GTG
  197. Cigar tasting at Don Juan's in Baton Rouge 8/11
  198. Alec Bradley event @ Sacred Cigars in Dallas
  199. Atlanta downtown hideouts
  200. Houston - Stogies World Class Cigars Deal on Groupon
  201. Special at Taboo B&M today (DFW)
  202. Greenville, SC
  203. Official Tampa Check-In/Banter/Events Thread
  204. thinking about haveing a herf
  205. why is it?
  206. Casa Fernandez Event, Serious Cigars, Thursday June 23rd
  207. Best B&M in Richmond, VA
  208. Zino Platinum Event - The Briar Shoppe [Houston, TX - June 18, 2011]
  209. Meet Jonathan Drew in Pensacola
  210. New Dallas B&M
  211. Columbus Area and E. Bama
  212. Traveling to Dallas
  213. Zino Event @ The Briar Shoppe [June 18, 2011 - Houston]
  214. Rocky Patel Special Event @ The Briar Shoppe [June 11, 2011 - Houston]
  215. Eric Nording @ The "World Famous" Cigar Bar 6/3
  216. South Carolina Events?
  217. Oliva Tasting @ Habana Port in Covington, LA
  218. best Dallas B&M?
  219. austin/round rock b&m
  220. Zino Platinum Black Carpet Event 6.16.2011
  221. Beer Cigars and Brats
  222. Zino Platinum Red/Black Carpet Event
  223. Zino Z- Class Event
  224. LRCC - Oliva Event Reminder
  225. 2011 Derby Day Party at WiseAsh
  226. Ashton Event in Baton Rouge
  227. Davidoff Grand Cru Event
  228. Hampton / Tidewater
  229. Masters in Augusta
  230. padron event west palm
  231. New Orleans
  232. La Palina event Cordova Cigars
  233. NoVa Herf?
  234. Heights Cigar Lounge Grand Opening
  235. Cigar Tasting in Eastern Orlando
  236. Fat ash bar b que
  237. Grand Reserve Fuente event Pensacola
  238. Studio Tobac World Tour
  239. Davidoff White Premier @ The Cigar Shop
  240. Atlanta "full moon" herf
  241. Meet nick perdomo in homosassa springs florida
  242. Meet nick perdomo in clearwater florida
  243. Houston - Huge Cigar Towne Event this Thursday!
  244. Houston Herf 2-16 Downing Street
  245. Houston- short notice Herf 2-16 Baker Street
  246. Texas Cigar Festival
  247. Looking for smokers in the DFW metroplex
  248. Nestor Miranda at Cigar Palace Alexandria VA
  249. Illuminati Cigars @ The "World Famous" Cigar Bar
  250. Herf at Burke Cigar! (this weekend)