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  1. Any guitar players up in here? :D
  2. Halloween Donuts
  3. Moonberry Twinkies
  4. JimInks Interviewed.
  5. Bob's Red Mill
  6. pipe drink
  7. British Spirng
  8. Power = Nope
  9. Walt Disney: American Experience
  10. Self Portrait
  11. air purifier
  12. Any hockey fans?
  13. Merry Christmas to Me
  14. Perfect smoking room?
  15. JimInks Radio Interview
  16. Iced Tea Enthusiasts?
  17. Sorry I've been gone a while...
  18. Happy Thanksgiving!
  19. home brew/distilling
  20. Finally back on here
  21. Batman Co-Creator Bill Finger
  22. Funny question I got from someone on ebay
  23. Favorite April Fools Joke?
  24. new ebay scam
  25. I can't think straight...
  26. I Hate Being Sick
  27. 20th Anniversary of Jack Kirby's Passing
  28. Surgery
  29. Who else goes 100% from the beginning?
  30. After a long wait, i'm back.
  31. This drives me crazy!!
  32. A Pipe Noob Confession... A story about Noob who didn't know he was.
  33. Six more weeks, this sucks- giveaway
  34. Tolkien’s Unfinished Epic Poem, ‘The Fall of Arthur’, Published
  35. A banner day at the office, or living the Chinese curse
  36. Praise Report
  37. Dsturg369
  38. Where did the time go???
  39. Owaindav, Anyone Know What Happened To Him?
  40. Puff Banner Ads
  41. Now I deffinatly approve of my sons girlfriend after this comment...
  42. two surprise days off
  43. good day, gone bad... oh so bad...
  44. I was following a bunny...
  45. Kevin Keith update
  46. Oooooohhh yeah!
  47. Merry Christmas!
  48. For desertlifter (pic heavy)
  49. Lord of the Rings Marathon today...
  50. Christopher Tolkien - Rare Interview
  51. Samuel Gawtih on the science channel...
  52. Bozo backed into my truck aqnd drove away rant.
  53. Any cat lovin' pipers need an avatar?
  54. Greenie Peak 24Oct12/ view of Midnight Meadows fire
  55. Albert Einstein was right about another thing....
  56. Portland?
  57. The Hidden Danger of Picking Up Cigar Smoking...
  58. Home repair and improvement - a rant of epic proportions
  59. Hence forth
  60. Name change?
  61. Sorry for the M.I.A....
  62. 27 years ago today....
  63. Easy, easy like sunday morning......
  64. I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  65. Promotion @ Work
  66. Yo!
  67. FRIDAY - Oh yeah, Uh huh!
  68. Banter!
  69. Employed again by this friday
  70. For All The DAD's Out There...
  71. Thanks for a great 2K!
  72. Ring Gauge Guilt
  73. Another Puffer returns
  74. Thanks to my brothers. This has been a rough day for me.
  75. Howdy
  76. Random Rant Thread