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  1. FDA Action Imminent
  2. Altria writes letter opposing cigar exemption
  3. How Big Government is trying to smoke out the cigar industry
  4. Rocky Patel on Fox News Tonight
  5. "Teens inhale cancer-causing chemicals in e-cigarettes"
  6. CA Tobacco Tax Increase has taken effect!
  7. If you buy online - you might wish to read this
  8. Cigar Rights of Ameria - A question
  9. Saturday update Cuba from Half - Wheel
  10. Trumps rules on Cuba Travel, etc. - Half-Wheel FRI
  11. Friday is the day, Cuba is the subject Trump will address
  12. F.D.A., and new sticks???
  13. Why does the F.D. A. Want to rule of Cigars anyway.
  14. Altria Buys Nat Sherman
  15. Hope floats! FDA regulation reversal eminent?
  16. Cigar Aficionado Editorial about "POT"
  17. .....this just in
  18. Cool Hygrometer
  19. Sampler Fear, etc
  20. Add a Few Voices
  21. This Guy Makes Sense
  22. Nick Perdomo on FDA Over reach
  23. Have you done this yet - If not do so today!
  24. Cigars for a Year Giveaway 2016
  25. is there a pre-2007 list of brands and blends?
  26. Do Not Enact FDA's Option 1 Petition
  27. FDA to extend tobacco regulations to e-cigarettes, other products
  28. I have a question...
  30. Cape May, New Jersey beaches and smoking.
  31. Is the anti tobacco movement unstoppable?
  32. Bad idea launching my boutique brand?
  33. If your state still allows smoking in places like bars, restaurants and casinos......
  34. Why doesnt Cigar Rights of America fight for the right to smoke in bars?
  35. 99% of life is showing up
  36. Who's worse when it comes to Tobacco Rights? Democrats or Republicans?
  37. Should cigar smokers, pipe smokers, dippers and cigarette smokers band together?
  38. New Orleans ban
  39. Trade Between US and Cuba
  40. Here Come The Legal Cuban Cigars!
  41. More Government Propaganda
  42. Contact your congressman!
  43. Wow! Am I the first one to hear about this? Town attempts to BAN all tobacco
  44. International Anti-Tobacco Ninnyism
  45. Move over FDA, another league of idiots wants in on destroying the tobacco industry
  46. An end to my favorite Cigar Lounge?
  47. Government and Advocacy Groups Stepping Up Their Game
  48. This Cannot Be Good For Any Of Us? Now The Bean Counters Are Involved.
  49. BOGO. The solution for the absurd FDA regulation.
  50. Goodbye C-bid?
  51. Government Lumping Premium Cigars with Cigarillos and Little Cigars
  52. Are there not enough rich people with pull here to stop the FDA?
  53. Public smoking ban in parks?
  54. Government announces plans for stricter regulations
  55. Got a call from the CDC
  56. senate Passes HB 4284
  57. I got this from yesterday
  58. The worse place to be a smoker in the US
  59. At the current rate cigars will be illegal everywhere except a person's house
  60. US-Cuba Embargo
  61. Smoking ban versus air quality standard
  62. USPS in Iola said we had new laws
  63. Take that anti smoking zealots/nazi's
  64. Toronto Patio and Public Spaces Smoking Ban
  65. Should Cigar Rights of America be allied with pipe smokers and cigarette smokers....?
  66. Glad I don't Live Here Any Longer!
  67. Can someone please help post my petition?
  68. Since CIGAR SMOKERS are an OPPRESSED MINORITY, Do you AGREE that....................?
  69. This is not good.
  70. UK Tax on Imported Tobacco
  71. Stay in Russia Mr. Snowden!
  72. Did you read this?
  73. More Good News
  74. In First, F.D.A. Rejects Tobacco Products
  75. Good News
  76. Your smoking/smokers' rights update...
  77. John Salley against FDA Regulating Cigars
  78. Californians: This will affect you...
  79. Took a while.....
  80. Internet Sales Tax Bill
  81. Smoke friendliness by state - Map!
  82. Looming FDA Regulation
  83. CRA Gets International Support Against FDA Regulations
  84. Orange Beach/Gulf Shores, AL ordinance
  85. Cigar Rights Motivationl link inside...
  86. NY Cigarette Piracy
  87. Plain Packaging.
  88. County Employees
  89. Smoker's license
  90. plain packinging in OZ
  91. No Graphic Cigarette Warnings for U.S.?
  92. Cigar Rights of America equivalent in Canada?
  93. Daily Caller article
  94. I just want to make sure everyone sees this.
  95. Great Roll Call Article
  96. CA Prop 29 DEFEATED
  97. Flavored Cigar Ban Inches Forward?
  98. Stop smoking/buying cigars...
  99. you might want to sign this...
  100. ACTION NEEDED: Sign The White House Petition For Cigars!
  101. University of Texas going smoke free.
  102. I just created a petition against the new FDA regulations
  103. Alameda turns radically anti-tobacco
  104. Would SOPA blacklist tobacco websites?
  105. Here is a Free Tobacco rights group
  106. Heads Up Maryland
  107. So... if you haven't joined the CRA yet... Why not?
  108. Breaking news; whats next?
  109. Changing smoking habits.
  110. What Do You Say To Anti-Cigar People?
  111. Plain Packaging.
  112. Mail Order Cigar Companies are Going out of Business....
  113. Judge blocks graphic labels on cigarette packages.
  114. Ozark non-smokers show rest of country compromise is possible
  115. East Texas Medical Center decides discriminatory behavior not an issue
  116. Cigar Rights of America
  117. Kansas US Rep Tim Huelskamp supports H.R. 1639
  118. THINK YOU HAVE PROBLEMS? *Impassioned plea for support*
  119. Rant / Commentary: Smoking + Movies = Poor Box Office + R Rating?
  120. Judge to Wisconsin: Not so fast!
  121. A Little Fun with the Wallstreet Sign Protests
  122. New Jersey wants higher tobacco tax, not using funds to help smokers quit
  123. Obama Extends the U.S. Trade Embargo on Cuba
  124. An Open Message To Congress for FDA
  125. FDA warnings on cigarettes are just the beginning
  126. Everyone click this link! Urge your rep to sponsor HR1639!
  127. Utah internet ban
  128. Nevada Legislature relaxes tobacco laws
  129. Abuse of government power.
  130. New Lawsuit filed RE: Springfield Smoking Ban
  131. Tobacco License for Tobacco Consumers in Australia
  132. Maryland's Cigar Mailing Ban!
  133. Maryland SUCKS
  134. Good News Georgia Folks!
  135. Bill 176 to end pipe tobaccos/cigars in Ontario, Canada
  136. Is this true? FDA regulating cigars?
  137. Tobacconists and Consumers! We Have our Bill!
  138. Smokers Need Not Apply!
  139. CA to ban smoking in your own home?!
  140. Moves Toward Boston Parks Ban
  141. Illinois Considers Ease of Statewide Smoking Restrictions
  142. Maryland Residents and Mail Ordering Cigars
  143. Alabama is Bass Akwards
  144. Texas: Senate bill bans smoking in bars, restaurants
  145. California: SB575
  146. Don't like tobacco taxes? Grow your own.
  147. Boston Next?
  148. San Antonio Smoking Ban
  149. Washington State: SB 5542 Establishing Special License Endorsements for Cigar Lounges
  150. Stupid school!
  151. With Liberty and Justice for Some
  152. Police in Bhutan can raid your house for suspicion of tobacco possession
  153. Springfield Mo proposed smoking ban!
  154. NY village bans smoking - $1000 fine
  155. INDIANA Gov. to consider state wide smoking ban
  156. Funny Blog On My News Site.
  157. This takes the cake: Proposed ban to eliminate smoking... in CIGAR SHOPS
  158. Too far.
  159. House panel to move forward on easing Cuba policy
  160. Proposed outdoor smoking ban in NYC
  161. Tobacco Taxes - Why cigars are cheaper in some states than others
  162. Insanity in NYC
  163. Let's hope this common sense catches on!!
  164. smoking pot legal in homes but Cigars are illegal...OH JUST GREAT!!
  165. Cuban Bureaucracy and USA Politics
  166. Obama warms to closer ties with Cuba
  167. New law effecting shipping smokes to troops??
  168. Cigar Marijuana
  169. House Panel Votes to Ease Cuba Travel Restrictions
  170. Taxing cigar sites
  171. UF Bans all Tobacco Products on Campus
  172. Buy before August 1 in NY
  173. NYS cuts funding for anti-tobacco legislation
  174. Lowered Tobacco Taxes in CA!
  175. Tyler Junior College College - Tyler, TX
  176. Orange County Ban
  177. PA: GOV Fast Eddy is at it agian
  178. Local Aust. Council Tries To Ban Smoking In CBD.
  179. Labour Govt? Nahhh!
  180. New Australian Regulations
  181. WA: Tobacco Tax Increase Passed
  182. No wonder there are no Kiwis on Puff
  183. Help Fight the Healthcare Bill
  184. If you don't have a local B&M....get ready to be screwed....
  185. wtf
  186. A little good news to start the day!
  187. WA: Take that smoking ban -- El Gaucho Re-Opens Cigar Lounge
  188. Administration to Seek 300 BILLION from Big Tobacco
  189. What SHOULD the tobacco tax be?
  190. WA: No smoking within 25 feet of a person in a park
  191. another new Nebraska tax
  192. WA - Proposed 500% Cigar Tax Increase
  193. NH Smoking ban in Parks
  194. Old video on needing to take action
  195. My senator sent me a response to H.R. 4439
  196. Wow a win against taxes on Tobacco
  197. Indiana Smoking Ban
  198. Congress introduces a 775% increase on Pipe Tobaco
  199. 775% increas on Pipe Tobaco proposed
  200. Sorry Finland :(
  201. Maine anti-smoking grades decline
  202. Dear Citizens: Don't Smoke! Do Heroine!
  203. General Cigar loses right to use Cohiba brand name
  204. Another state bites the dust.....
  205. Give them an inch . . .
  206. CRA Action Alert
  207. Should Smoking be banned outdoors? Vote No on this ridiculous article!
  208. Lifting the Cuban travel ban
  209. Nevada Smoking Laws
  210. Looking to close the SCHIP Pipe Tobacco Loophole
  211. UGH. My first ever real anti-smoking experience
  212. Do you know Jack?
  213. Update on PA 30% cigar tax:
  214. NYC Banning ALL flavored tobacco?
  215. 30% Cigar tax Proposed in PA
  216. Man fined $305 for smoking in workplace - his truck
  217. Senate Bill 1147. We better act now!
  218. Sometimes a Cigar Is a Cigarette
  219. "Attractive to Children" and what to do about this?
  220. Another smoking ban article
  221. Nebraska Cigar Bars
  222. Email sent to my Congressman..
  223. Not a Tobacco tax, but another Sin Tax
  224. Health Care Bill Rant
  225. You have got to be kidding
  226. Possible Military Tobacco BAN
  227. Anti-Smoke Nazi stories
  228. H.R.1676 - To prevent tobacco smuggling, to ensure ....
  229. FDA Tobacco Legislation
  230. FDA Legislation
  231. Tobacco Laws (Help me understand)
  232. Senate Passes FDA Tobacco Bill
  233. So wha does this mean for pipe tobacco?
  234. OAS revokes 47 year suspension on Cuba
  235. Louisiana Smokers Dodged a Bullet
  236. Do we really have a right to smoke?
  237. club for the promotion of tobacco lovers
  238. Utah's new law has gone into effect
  239. Chinese FORCED to smoke....
  240. Fight locally and fight NOW! This is coming everywhere
  241. "Keep The Revolution Smokin"
  242. Make sure CAN..... CANT!!!
  243. Congratulations Florida!
  244. We need to separate our selves.
  245. A MUST See This Is Big
  246. April 23 2009 TTB Ruling
  247. Take Action!
  248. Floridians email your representatives!
  249. U.S. eases restrictions on travel to Cuba
  250. Public Hearing On Texas Legislation April 14