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  1. Greerzilla!!!!Come Here Boy!!!!
  2. Next, hello opusxox, have you been a good little boy this year?
  3. technodaddy, would your technokiddies say you've been good?
  4. How can he be a good boy with a name like Dantzig???
  5. Gone fishin' with Fishbeadtwo....
  6. ramblinsmoke come sit on my knee.......
  7. yourchoice, come on down
  8. Ho ho ho Cigarmark!
  9. Boonedoggle, I see what you do behind closed doors
  10. Ho Ho Hollywood!
  11. aldukes.........naughty or nice?
  12. Seanohue have you been naughty?
  13. Bazookajoe, what kind of boy have you been this year?
  14. tech-ninja - Come sit on Santa's lap
  15. You've been a good officer this year, Commander.
  16. AriesOpusX - Santas elves are watching you...
  17. Snkbyt a.k.a. Smiling Alex
  18. Santa has a question for Sergeant Smoky
  19. 4WheelVFR visits Santa
  20. Goat Boy (n3uka), I hear you've been a baaaad boy!
  21. Humidipak Calibration kit PIF
  22. Non-Cuban Make a Wish II (NC MaW 2)
  23. Ho Ho Who is your Secret Santa going to be this year?
  24. Secret Cigar Santa Idea?
  25. $3 per stick PIF
  26. Blind Taste Test/PIF - Shaerza to Irons
  27. Blind Taste Test/PIF
  28. Newfie & Dragons FOG Mystery Trade!
  29. NC MAW
  30. Newbie Sampler Trade V
  31. Trades/PIF's with or without cello
  32. PIF: Pay It Forward
  33. Newbie PIF ..New but not improved :)
  34. montecristo#2 made me black & blue!
  35. one closer...
  36. !!!CS Assassination in Maryland. PSheild done fer!
  37. I usually don't pay the extra .50 ......DC's
  38. Icehog3 Drops Me Like Chuck Liddel's "Heavy Hands" Dropped Tito
  39. By Cracky its Baccy!
  40. And they say a Sailor's mouth is dirty...
  41. I Should Just Keep My Mouth Shut
  42. BOOM!!! I've Been Bombed!!!
  43. i have been violated
  44. Bombed from Brentwood, CA
  45. The Mystery Package has arrived
  46. First one on the way...
  47. Bombed by Even_Steven
  48. SOS to the South Florida crew!!!!
  49. USPS Click and Ship Issues.
  50. Jimmy will not accept responsibility!
  51. So KASR wants to play with FLA Crew
  52. So... I was feeling a little "blah"
  53. Nuked by Mr Maduro
  54. A very thoughtful BOTL
  55. Retalitory strike by donp
  56. Bombed from the Volunteer State
  57. The call has been made Bombs away.
  58. NC Hybrid Make A Wish Pass/PIF: Revived 2
  59. The New and Improved PIB
  60. The New Official No-list NC PIF Thread
  61. Gauging interest in a small RG MRN PIF
  62. The "I am not a newbie" PIF!!!
  63. would starting a NC Make a Wish/PIF thread be pointless?
  64. Help a newbie out with some more samplers v 2.0
  65. The new and improved Newbie Pay It Forward!!!
  66. Newbie Only Pay it Forward
  67. Learning opportunity PIF thingy.
  68. Newbie Blind PIF
  69. 4 free unbanded then PIF
  70. Make a wish/pay it forward
  71. The Official Newbie Sampler Thread
  72. Official PIF Thread
  73. The REAL Make a Wish Thread
  74. Newbie Sampler Thread.
  75. MSNBC Reports...
  76. PIF from MiamiE
  77. St. Pats Gifts
  78. Gift from a Lepracorn - St. Patricks Day exchange
  79. Official Newbie Sampler Thread
  80. Christmas in July .. or St. Patrick's in March?
  81. Christmas in July Anyone????
  82. Recently.......