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  32. anyone TAB
  33. hello California
  34. in California
  35. in California
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  38. Please Send Us Cigars for the Troops (Address inside)
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  40. Payload received.
  41. Thank you for your Support!
  42. Thank you Puff Community for the sticks !!
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  46. Seeking FPO/APO Friendly Retailers
  47. 24 Hour Honor Vigil
  48. Service Member Role Call
  49. The Troops Appreciate Your Efforts!
  50. Extra-Life 2012! Help me reach my goal and help children in need!!
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  53. Bombing an FPO/AP in a good way!
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  60. Bob(TriLOByte) is one crazy MOFO!
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  62. A letter from our troops just hit my email - thought I should share:
  63. Bob ya saved my bacon
  64. Puff needs to replace smelvis the troop main cigar sender guy :) Thanks Love Ya All
  65. One of the 100's of Reasons we Love our Troops!
  66. cigars for Troops in afgan
  67. Cigars for the Troops
  68. The Top 10 or so Things Troops like to get besides cigars
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  71. CBS Kosovo-New Cigar club needs help
  72. Oh No! A Captain Ass Video?!?! (watch it, and join me!)
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  75. Commemorating 9/11 thanks to Smelvis and the "cigars for troops" program
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  82. Smelvis smacked my entire unit!!
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  86. Wow!!!
  87. Not a stick in sight!
  88. Something for the man that has everything
  89. Donations requested in support of Wounded Warriors Program
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  91. Why we support!
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  97. Re: My entire collection/ Help Kyle Please!
  98. Deployed again!
  99. A little look into what you do
  100. Oh smelvis
  101. troop donation: spend my money!
  102. Do you know Kaziah?
  103. Please watch this Videeo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  104. Troop Pictures and Letters!
  105. Spreading a little love to a BOTL in Afghainistan
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  107. Almost there!!!!
  108. Smack Down in A-Stan Part Duex!!!
  109. Homeless Veterans
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  111. Holiday Smack Down in A-Stan!!!
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  114. Ronson lighter deal real cheap 17 hours only!!!
  115. The reason I contribute through others.
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  118. Troop Raffle (Winter 2010)
  119. thanks for the cigars
  120. FYI we are starting a new Troop raffle!
  121. Please help send some cheer to our Troops
  122. Special shout out to ***************.com
  123. Puff, Jon and the Mods asked me to continue.
  124. Is Someone Going To Step Up For The Troops Here?
  125. It doesn't get any better than this! Thanks SWANY!!!
  126. 25 Coronas to the troops for only $15
  127. Should Smelvis leave Puff????
  128. My Favorite Picture, Thanks Chris!
  129. In Remberance of September 11th and My 250th Post
  130. Joining Facebook=Cigars For Troops!
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  132. Possible new Retail donar for our Troops!
  133. Golf and Puff mix it up with Catfish and his men!
  134. Troops Leaving Iraq
  135. Lighters for our troop packages?
  136. 2010 Pan Mass Challenge
  137. Special Request for help with Golf Tournament!
  138. Thanks to Smelvis
  139. Pan Mass Challenge
  140. Operation freedom smoke @ ipcpr
  141. RE "Payment owed" on the send funds page
  142. Putting together troop care packages
  143. Ashtray Auction for the Troops!
  144. INSTANT WIN!! Enter Raffle NOW!!
  145. Letters from Kids to the Troops...
  146. Help Kids *AND* Maybe Win Prizes Incl. a Box of OpusX Love Affairs
  147. Humidors Needed for the Troops.
  148. Companies That Support The Troops Through
  149. smelvis is the MAN!!
  150. Troop Letters From Oversea's!!
  151. smelvis,smelvis,smelvis...
  152. Troop Humidor Raffle, Plus Lots of Prizes!!
  153. Troops need goodies and such!!!
  154. A well Dressed Soldier according to Ron :)
  155. Dunhill Royal Yacht Auction for the Troops
  156. Colts Fans? Troop Giveaway!
  157. Thank You! from the 501st BSB !!
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  159. Got an e-mail back from the Troops
  160. Group Buy - Stogie Tubes for the troops
  161. Cigars for Soldiers !
  162. Sorry who did I promice fluff for a troop raffle?
  163. Troop Pictures!!!
  164. I just have to say thanks...
  165. Haiti Earthquake! Help now!!!!
  166. A little description of what goes on in Afghanistan
  167. Hi new troop donation effort getting ready??
  168. Donations requested in support of Wounded Warriors Program
  169. Discounts for the Troops!!!!
  170. My Stash for the Troops!!!
  171. SUCCESS! Our troops in Afghanistan have cigars
  172. Christmas Cigars for the TROOPS
  173. Thank you puff
  174. New Thread not to get lost in the Troop thread.
  175. This is REAL! First Cigar for Toops Box Being Mailed!
  176. Adopt an Injured Soldier Program!!!!
  177. cigars for troops giveaway
  178. Please send me Cigars for the Troops!!!!!
  179. Brother, can you spare a cigar?
  180. "Dustoff" Unit needs some help!
  181. Project Healing Water Fly Fishing
  182. Cigars for our coasties in the gulf
  183. Troop support
  184. Thanks
  185. Camp Blackhorse
  186. Donations for neighbor being deployed
  187. 47th CSH herf
  188. Baghdad Cigar Aficionado Club
  189. Help our troops out
  190. Just got this via email
  191. 50 State Pass Auction For The Troops (MORE stuff added)
  192. Tiki Hut Winnings from CS Raffle 2008
  193. Thank you BillyBarue (a.k.a - Saint Gurkha)
  194. Help the Special Olympics and watch me freeze.
  195. Camp Blackhorse Cigar Night
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  197. *Bagram Tiki Bar*
  198. 4th of July Troop Raffle sponsored by Taboo Cigars
  199. Some info before joining events here
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  209. TIKI HUT UPDATE****please read****
  210. Cigars for the Troops