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: Hello

10-14-2008, 08:29 PM
Hey everyone! Sorry, I haven't been on the board much. I've been busy as hell down here. Everything is going great (except they still don't have internet hooked up in my apt) and the new job was a good change of pace for me. I hope to get internet and get back online soon.

Take care!


10-14-2008, 08:39 PM
Welcome back Aaron, lots to catch up on here.

mark in kc
10-28-2008, 07:47 PM
Good to hear from you brother. You catching any of the World Series. Hope all is well.

Send me a PM if you would about your new job. I thought about getting into it.

ER Doc
10-30-2008, 06:11 AM
Glad to hear from you, Aaron. Sorry I missed this earlier (thanks, Mark, for finding it).

Let us know if you're ever back in the area!