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: 5 Pack/accessory wish list

10-08-2010, 02:27 PM
Im new to this forum and enjoy participating in PIFs, Passes, MAWs Wagers, Bombs etc., but find that my cigars are going out the door faster than in the door (meaning I will not pass a cigar that has been passed to me by a BOTL/SOTL). Also I do not wish to send out something that although apreciated will not be enjoyed due to different tastes. So an idea popped into my head about posting links of cigars and or accessories that you would want to try or like. In addition with being new I sometimes (most times) either do not have an item on someones wishlist or have no idea of where to get them. Also this could be used to send singles. By posting 5 links here a person involved in any type of pass can simply click the link and ship directly. Tracking #s will be provided by the vendor. Shipping info would be obtained according to the rules of that particular pass. The sky is the limit, just remember that everyones budget is different. Also be aware that there is a time limit to "edit posts" so try to get everything down prior to posting. I will be opening 2 windows to accomplish this. Personally I will be using ***************.com for my vendor as a giveback for their donation of over 1,600 cigars for Daves troop pass.

10-08-2010, 02:37 PM
Ashton Classic Churchill Cigars - ***************.com (http://www.***************.com/cigar-directory/ashton/ashton-classic-churchill-cigar/221-6334.htm)

Baccarat Double Corona Cigars - ***************.com (http://www.***************.com/cigar-directory/baccarat/baccarat-double-corona-cigar/243-13937.htm)

Kristoff Criollo Robusto Cigars - ***************.com (http://www.***************.com/cigar-directory/kristoff/kristoff-criollo-robusto-cigar/450-19255.htm)

Nub Cameroon 464 Cigars - ***************.com (http://www.***************.com/cigar-directory/nub/nub-cameroon-464-cigar/374-14369.htm)

C.A.O. Gold Robusto Cigars - ***************.com (http://www.***************.com/cigar-directory/cao/cao-gold-robusto-cigar/238-13946.htm)

Here are my choices

10-08-2010, 05:38 PM