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: CLE (Cigar Lighter Exchange) Thread.

04-29-2011, 03:25 PM
I had a thought for a thread, those of you exchange cigars, trade cigars and pif etc. Well why not a cigar lighter exchange thread? It was just an idea, but maybe it would be something a mod would interested in starting. If not then that's ok too.

Lets say you have extra lighters lying around, maybe you received a free lighter from a cigar special or one from a trade, friend etc. that you do not like or that you want to get rid of. Or maybe you just like giving away free stuff. this would be the place to exchange it, trade it or let it go.

Rules should be simple:

-Like other threads there are two category's member wise. Noobs, lets call them Noob Exchangers. NE's.
-Veteran Exchangers . V.T.E's

There is many ways to do this, and maybe we can revise this as it goes along.

Types of exchanges"
-Trade: A noob puts up what they would like to trade, and a vet voluntarily is paired to trade lighters with the noob of choice.

-request/want: A noob requests a certain type of lighter, or one they want and a vet would answer if he has that certain lighter or would be able to send one their way.

-freefall: A noob would put out a request, and a vet would have the option of picking what it would be.(I.E. NE wants to trade a lighter for a lighter, the vet is paired, and decides instead of a trade they will send one. Or the noob will send one to the vet instead. Or to add "special terms", this means instead of just a lighter the vet would send a cigar/s with the lighter, or the noob would be requested to send a cigar/s with lighter).

-Mystery exchange: This would be sending anonymous. A NE/VTE would put their name in a list, and behind the scenes a pm would be sent to random members pairing them in a trade. No user names would be used, only short nicknames. and no one will know they are being paired until they receive a pm from a mod etc.
I.E. J.D. at - address
N.C. at- adress

Now keep in mind this is not a Noob exchange, so If a Vet would like to put their name on the list and be paired with a noob(I.E. vet is looking for a lighter and trades with a NE, A vet makes a request.) We could have a second list for this purpose.

Each party NE and VTE will need one trade under their belt to participate. DO NOT join the list NE OR VTE if you do not intend to send a lighter/trade.
This rule is emphasized with the freefall, as the VTE might decide the noob sends a lighter, or the NE decides a vet sends one.

Ok, just an idea. Would this be something people would be interested in? I have not a clue how we could get it going, as It was just an idea. And I am sure these types of things are up to the mods.

05-09-2011, 08:51 PM
Ronson for a Ronson?

05-09-2011, 09:00 PM
are asking if you can trade a Ronson for a Ronson?

08-06-2011, 12:40 AM
I got my first Ronson (came from a grateful puffer that had a few to spare and was giving them away).

They are great lighters ... Even better than the one I got from local B&M shop for 30 bucks in my opinion.

Neat concept on lighter trades though... I'm sure some will be very interested in this.

Always thinking... I think thats what makes a good puffer :)

02-23-2012, 04:25 PM
i would be interested in being as noob exchanger on this if anyone else is interested...i have a few laying around and wouldn't mind getting something different in exchange in anyone is interested.