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: Editing ads in the WTS forum

11-04-2013, 12:27 PM
I think this is the only forum in which i cant edit my ad. I am curious what others think of this. I understand the reasoning behind preventing a seller from changing prices, info, etc....but many of the sellers here have multiple great feedback.

i usually sell fivers, and there may be 3-5 different lots. I price to sell quick as thats my objective. If a lot doesnt sell by the end of the day, I'm dropping prices. The next dropping again. To have a reply chain with updated prices, $5 off each etc creates a very confusing situation for a buyer.

My PM's are " can you tell me how much this would be now?"

i really wish I could make it easy for them, remove the excess info from items that are gone, and update prices on the original ad.

Is it possible to address this, or at least have an unlock function once a seller hits a certain feedback rating?