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: Cigar Depot at Pantry One Food Mart (Erial, NJ)

02-19-2014, 01:08 PM
I had just about given up on finding at nice selection of smokes at a decent price locally. I still had one source that was ok, but when they raised their prices, I decided to go with most of my purchases online, or with Holt's Retail Store. A few months ago I received the local shopping magazines that had an add for a new cigar store. Trying to determine the location, I couldn't picture where this place was. I placed the address in my phone this morning, and passed by it on the way to an appt., and decided I would stop in on the return trip. The store is located inside a local convenience store that replaced a WaWa, called Pantry One. The cigar shop is actually called the Cigar Depot at Pantry One Food Mart. Pulling up in the parking lot can see the bongs, and figured they had a wall unit for storage. Upon entering the door, I see a walk in humidor, around 10x15, and made a beeline for it after the clerks acknowledge me. The first thing I could see was a wall full of RP, and Camacho. Further down in the middle of the room I see sampler boxes for Padron and Oliva, and I think if they have a Padron sampler they must have a box of singles somewhere. Next up were LP's, I didn't see any #9 ( 's, Rats, or Pigs, but the did have MUWAT and Undercrowns, and I picked up a pack of Baitfish ($6.89). I haven't smoked Macanudo in awhile, so I decided to pick up a Vintage 1997 just because of the band ring. The clerk comes in an introduces himself, and asks if I need any help, which I told him no, then told him I was looking for Padron 1964 Anniv. I was in luck, as a new box just came in the day before and was sitting on the shelf still in the plastic. He open the box, and I grabbed 5 Exclusivo's, which were around $11.50 each, or somewhere like that. I knew they were around the price of Holts, and less than the other B&M's in the area. He then picked up a Nica Rustica and told me with the items in my hand, the Nica would be free. I went with his recommendation because I have heard some much about them on here, and they seem to be in a lot of the new samplers. Finishing up the order, I picked up a few of my original favorites, RPV90, which were also less than the other guys in the area at $8.50 each. They also have every Drew Estate Infused cigar in separate cases outside the main humidor.

So, after leaving the humidor I checked out their lighter and cutter collections, which they seemed to have every Xikar on the market at the moment, along with Colibri, Lotus, Zippo and some other brands.

For all the South Jersey guys, this place is worth the trip, and the have smokes starting at $3.00, which was the Baccarats, I think.

Cigar Depot, 2947 New Brooklyn-Erial Road, Erial, New Jersey
(Across from Rite Aid and the Erial fire Station)