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: Cuban Crafters "Dos Chabetas" Perfect Cigar Cutter (<=80 Ring Gauge)

Mister Stogie
08-20-2017, 04:26 PM
Hello familia,

I had been reading about the original Cuban Crafters cutter and how it could help me to stop from hacking my cigars in half (:grin2:), so I decided to purchase one. Upon further research, I saw this one and ended up purchasing it, instead. Now, I can properly cut the cap off of my cigars AND even out the ends of my garden hoses when my dog chews through them. I guess this means I have now made a versatile investment that my wife will *hopefully* approve of. Doubtful, but I'm a glass-half-full-of-scotch kind of guy. >:)

The build on this cutter is solid and hefty. The modern look of the design and the stainless steel finish makes it more of a display piece than a cigar tool. When using it, I swear to myself that it cuts too little off of the cap, but it always ends up being just perfect! I know that without this cutter, I'd be taking off way too much, so the built-in stopper is a blessing for the inexperienced. As far as the cut is concerned, I'd say that it cuts like a hot knife through butter, but that saying is overused. Damn - I just said it... :vs_laugh:

I also wanted to mention that this cutter has a lifetime warranty. According to the warranty card included in the box, if you send them a self-addressed, stamped envelope, they'll mail a brand new one out to you within a week after receiving yours. I hope I never have to use their warranty, but if I do, I'll take a trip to their store and see if they'll just switch it out for me right there. Then again, maybe that's a bad idea because I know I won't leave with just a new cutter. :wink2:

I paid just under twenty bucks, shipped, from a popular auction website, but they are $24.99, plus shipping, on the Cuban Crafters website, if you don't mind spending a little more.

Enjoy the pics!

Mister Stogie

08-20-2017, 04:44 PM
This is indeed a very good cutter...for the novice as well as the veteran hobbyist. For the novice it takes the guesswork as far as "how deep" to make the cut...not every cigar will or should be cut the same. Some require a little more of a deeper cut but at least with the Perfect start out with no mistakes.

Amazon has em for $20 and if you have Amazon get it in 2 days with no shipping charges.