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Flaco_ 06-19-2019 04:00 PM

Large Boveda recharging
(TL;DR in 3rd paragraph)

Is it just me or has anyone else had any trouble recharging the large 320 gram Bovedas? The ones in question are the 75s I use in a large piece of furniture that I have repurposed as a humidor. As such, this humidor is not well sealed; three of the 75% x 320gm Bovedas keep it at an even 67% however.

Once the Bovedas started looking and feeling a bit flat, I placed them in a tupperdor with 7 shot-glass-size containers filled with dist. water. None of them was completely dry before I did this. They've been in my re-hydration chamber for a week now, and only one of the three seems to be taking on a significant amount of water.

I don't seem to be having much trouble re-hydrating the smaller 60gm or the tiny 8gm ones. Maybe it's just a matter of scale and it will just take 5.3 times longer to re-hydrate the 320s than the 60s? :hmm:

Thanks, y'all

Sine_Qua_Non 06-19-2019 04:12 PM

You have a couple of specifics that make those packets more difficult to recharge.

First, the size means if you hypothetically use 75% of the pack, you値l have to get the pack to absorb 240gm of water in order to be dull; a rather large amount.

Second, in order to recharge a 75% RH pack, you値l have to expose the pack to RH of 76 or higher in order to start the recharge process, and the closer to 75, the slower it値l recharge.

Those factors combined result in a pack that is verrry slow to recharge.

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Fusion 06-19-2019 04:12 PM

I just put them right in a container of DW, couple of days take them out and set on a paper towel until the outside paper dries out, works great

Humphrey's Ghost 06-19-2019 04:26 PM

320g packs take a long, long time to recharge. A couple of months in my experience. I haven't had good luck submerging them in DW as they don't seem to dry as completely as the 60g packs do.

tacket 06-19-2019 05:55 PM

I haven稚 had to recharge mine yet, but the plan is to do it before they get super dry and I値l likely leave 粗m on a window sill to get the ambient heated water in action. I値l set a rotation cycle where I値l let it sit for a month, and then put it back in the humidor, swapping it out for another pack that needs topping off. Rinse, repeat.

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Flaco_ 06-19-2019 06:55 PM

Thanks, y'all, for all the info. Got me thinking.

So here's what I did just now:
The Bovedas are sitting on the aforementioned containers of water, so up off the floor of the tupper. I moved the whole mess out into the laundry room which is built onto the outside of the house, thus not in the air conditioning. It's 100ー outside right now. Then I added an inch or so of DW to the floor of the tupper. That ought to get it humid in there! I can, and probably will move this re-hydration operation out to my shop where it's even hotter.

I've never been accused of being the most patient guy in the world.

Scotchpig 06-19-2019 08:43 PM

I have a veggie steamer, threw a handful of the 60g packs in, and ran it for a few 10 min cycles. The packaging came out wet, and the media was recharged. Not sure if this would work with the larger packs, or if it is advisable but it worked for me.

Flaco_ 06-21-2019 03:12 PM

I wonder what terrible thing would happen if I took the packet out of its cardboard box (y'know, like it says NOT to do?) and then soak that in DW.

Humphrey's Ghost 06-21-2019 04:15 PM


Originally Posted by Flaco_ (Post 5624460)
I wonder what terrible thing would happen if I took the packet out of its cardboard box (y'know, like it says NOT to do?) and then soak that in DW.

The exterior "paper" material on the 320g is different than it is on the 60g. It tends to retain moisture and not dry completely after being submerged in DW.
Of the five that I tried, two dried sufficiently to be used again in my coolidors. Three appeared to dry and then would turn wet again when placed back in to the coolidor environment. I ended up throwing those three away.

Flaco_ 06-21-2019 05:52 PM

OK thanks. I guess that solves that.

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