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I retro every puff too. Honestly, you cannot taste a cigar without involving your nasal passages, either by retrohaling or passively by not closing them off completely as you draw smoke into your mouth. If you lock down your throat and nasal passages while smoking you will see what I mean; very little taste. Retrohaling is a way of ensuring you're getting the full flavor from your cigar. But burning your sinuses to do it should not be necessary if you get the hang of doing it properly.

OP, you're not supposed to blow a whole mouthful of smoke out your nose. Of course it's going to burn if you do that. Just retain a small portion of the smoke as you blow most of it out of your mouth. Then exhale as normal through your nose, except opening your throat at the back of your palate at the same time. Not only are you retro'ing a small amount of smoke, but diluting it with the remaining air in your lungs. If you're doing it right the air passing from lungs to nose will take the rest of the smoke from your mouth with it, but only bit by bit.

P.S. - @Cigary types faster than I do! Now go report to the Noob Mistake thread and say you tried reto'ing a whole mouthful of smoke and it hurt.
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@Del Fuego - thanks for the info about Dr Joe. I wondered what became of him. I enjoyed his enthusiasm for cigars in the reviews he gave.

I returned to cigar smoking after a long absence due to allergies and sinus issues. The allegies & sinus problems weren't caused by cigars, but it did make it difficult to enjoy a stick back then. I very rarely retrohale now, as in just about never. I was never a cigarette or pipe smoker before. Maybe those that are, find it more natural to retrohale? I have found that if I do retrohale, my nose seems more 'stuffy' afterwards. And there seems to be a little more pressure on my sinuses. It helps reduce this effect, if I've drank plenty of water and am well hydrated beforehand. I think some guys do a sinus wash after retrohaling ? I might try doing that. But a part of me says "Leave well enough alone."

Thankfully, I enjoy cigars even without retrohaling.

P.S. - I just read @curmudgeonista 's reply above. I'll have to try his suggestions, paying close attention to technique.
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Originally Posted by Cigary View Post
There is a way to retro hale correctly and the wrong way is evidenced by those who can't seem to get a handle on it. First of all the strength of the cigar dictates as to how much ratio of smoke to air you want to use. A mild cigar one can almost go full draw but I'd advise using an 80/20 ratio.....smoke to air. How do you do this....first of all you'll want to draw in a small amount of air into your mouth and then a small draw of'll have to practice this a lot until you get the hang of it. I draw in a 50/50 volume of air first then smoke....that means you open up your sinuses to your nose and let the mixture of air and smoke go back out of your nose either by forcing it out s l o w l y while keeping your mouth shut and letting the smoke/air go out through your nose. People tend to draw in a mouthful of smoke and then forcing it out of their nose and that's when you burn the $hit out of the tissues in your nose. There has to be a ratio of air with the smoke.....HAS TO...and once you get good at mixing the ratios you'll be a pro quickly. Start with a mild cigar to practice on so you don't burn your tissues...then gradually work your way up the ladder. Retro haling is all about tasting the smoke through your's not the same as taking a normal draw and expelling it out of your mouth like most of us do.

Some hardcore people can take a normal draw and retro hale because they've gotten use to doing this but it comes with a's called nasal burnout....much like snorting cocaine where the septum gets burnt and regardless of the irritant it's the septum that takes the brunt and you can't revive tissues in the nostrils once they've been burnt out....that's why I advocate retro haling infrequently....that allows the tissues to heal just like any burn can heal over time.
Thanks. I'm going to have to give that a whirl.

Snorting cigars! Ha! Priceless!
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"Contrary to the opinion of some, it is not shameful to let a cigar go out. It is only clumsy and awkward." Zino Davidoff
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Sorry to hear Dr. Joe got out of cigars. It would kill me to have to give up on cigars after having spent the time to amass that impressive collection. Wish I could have gotten hold of even a small part of it.

"Contrary to the opinion of some, it is not shameful to let a cigar go out. It is only clumsy and awkward." Zino Davidoff
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Well I might not be as dedicated as Joe^^^^ I do retro pretty much the entire cigar.
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Originally Posted by Kidvegas View Post

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I smoked cigarettes like this for a few days when I got my wisdom teeth pulled..

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I retro frequently. You really do get a lot out of it once you're used to it. I still smoke natural tobacco cigs but, not as much as I used to so, my learning curve was short with no real ill effects.

There's a thread here that discusses netti pots and, nasal rinses that may come in handy for you. You could try doing that a short time after your cigar and, it may cut down on the sensitivity after having the smoke in your sinuses.

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I think cigarette smokers or ex cigarette smokers like me find it easy to retrohale, i can see how it could be difficult for someone who has never smoked before to get used to it.

I gently bent one each into my nostrils, then put the remaining one in my mouf. --droy1958
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I think smoking a cigar just wouldn't be the same without retrohaling. It's where I get a lot of my flavor from. I love it, and can usually handle just about any cigar...even stuff like the RP Super Ligero. Give me the burn!!
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