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You know Cuban tobacco has changed a lot in the past decade. So much so in fact that the days of sitting on boxes for years. Is really just about gone. What had to rest before being smoked. Has become smoked ROTT. This for me is a double edged sword. I personally find today's Cuban tobacco lack luster compared to the days of old. Every Marca and Vitola had its own personality. Today's Cuban Tobacco to me has become more and more generic. There really is no longer a lingering signature note IMHO. That being said a reputable vendor we all use. Has Vintage Cuban cigars on sale. They demand a premium as far as price is concerned. This in itself is really nothing to speak of . But the cigars in question are from 13.15.16 etc. That barely qualified as being considered rest not so long ago. So i guess my assumptions about Cuban Tobacco and aging are not so far off. Or are they? Please chime in i would love to hear your thoughts. Especially old timers like myself.

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I think they sell "vintage" cigars from 13-15 because they know the market will bear that extra cost. Not that it stands for so much, except for capitalism at work.

I mean, a vendor that now sells '14 as "premium vintage" sold me a box of '14 last year at regular cost.

The amount of buyers/smokers/etc has raised- visibility for grey market vendors has increased- thus supply is shorter. This means that they can claim a 2 year old cigar to be worth "more" because it's older than the '18-'19s they are currently shipping out. Not saying it has enough "age" to make a difference, but what do they care when they can tack on a premium and still move them out just as fast- for more profit?

That's my thoughts on the issue. I mean, when you used to be able to request '10s from a list 2 years ago at no extra cost, and now those '10s sell for $200 more- can't blame the company for grabbing that profit- particularly when they see those same cigars being resold for even more profit in secondary (or tertiary) markets.

Maybe the actual tobacco qualities have changed, but I'm fairly sure it's greed that has increased the prices and decreased the age required for "vintage" - all morality judgements aside. I sincerely doubt suddenly Cuban Tobacco only takes 3 years to hit prime and therefore requires a premium for such "age"
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I must agree price gouging is the first thing that came to mind for me as well.
And no way in the world do i consider stock that old to be vintage.
The thought is absurd IMHO!
And yes just a short while ago boxes this age came without a premium.
So what did we all turn into morons over night?
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"Dear Lord Thank you for your protection and your many signs along the way. Thank you for any good that I may have done, I'm so sorry about the bad."- Eli
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Just monkeyin' around!

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I'm assuming this is also the one that will allow you to request a box code on regular orders (if you can get your hands on a current inventory list). It's only fairly recently that they started pushing three year-old boxes into the "vintage" section. But at the same time their pricing on open-stock has become more competitive, pretty much across the board. And the "vintage" pricing does vary with age, going higher on older items.

They've had a vintage section all along, but it used to be populated with, say, five or six year boxes and older. There's little doubt in my mind that this is all related... improve general pricing, but get a little extra out of anything older than about two years on 'em (or in some cases a lot).

All in all, I don't think it's meant to be a statement on aging limits. While the newer Cuban tobacco hybrids may not be as distinctive or require as much aging as it once did, for the most part it still does benefit from long-term aging, or at the very least hold up to it better than most NC's.

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The word Vintage by itself pertaining to cigars could become a long thread. Is it a speacial crop of a certain year or just time itself that claims the vintage title? With vendors selling the idea 14-16 are now vintage smokes and he just charging a premium to claim a box code. A few years back instead of paying for a vintage box you would/could get lucky and get a box with a few years down time at no extra charge. Basically the seller makes his 'deal' and the buyer makes his 'decision'. I think that those cigars are as vintage as this thread....
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It’s all about business. He sees individuals getting high prices for 5 year old smokes and says, “Why shouldn’t I”. That’s why, IMO, if you disagree, hate the game, not the player.
Over 90% of my stash is from 12-15 and though I love most anything ‘14, I’d never describe it as vintage. “With a few years rest”, is how I usually list them when I do.
I like that you mentioned, “3 years to prime”, StE. Once an FOG said 7-10 years and that stuck in my head.

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Hey Vit nice to see ya bro!
I am on the same page as you guys.
I am glad you all stopped in to help me decide.
If i was going out of my mind.
Ah who am i kidding i lost my mind years ago.
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"Dear Lord Thank you for your protection and your many signs along the way. Thank you for any good that I may have done, I'm so sorry about the bad."- Eli
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Vintage, lol ...

Not even “aged” until at least 7 years, imho. Vintage should be measured in decades.

I do think that most Havanas are now approachable young, they rarely get really sick anymore. That’s a big advantage for the new blends.

The real change in brands happened after the blue mold problem, with the introduction of the hybrids, as was mentioned earlier. Also the cigar boom in the late 90s caused huge problems.

But I think that general quality is decent with recent production. Very few (if any) tent pegs these days. I’m loving the Montecristo Linea 1935s, they’re expensive but have great flavor:


Some of the custom rollers are still rolling more traditional and intense cigars, imho. That’s why I smoke them for my regular smokes:


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Good marketing=Good money
Most all points have been hit on why this "vintage" boom is taking place but IMO it just basically comes down to the bottom line for having the insight of doing nothing more but having the room and hanging on to a few or so boxes out of the mastercase for a short number of years.
Having been in this wallet draining hobby for the short years I've been has me wishing I would have drained my wallet a little farther and done the same. I started buying like a fool then smoked more than I was buying and now I'm back buying more than I will ever smoke.
It certainly has become more of a "hunting game" looking for certain codes and years that are better than others. But even then, they're not that much different from one another like I remember them just 10 years ago.
With all that rambling^^^^
I'd like hear from those who have made the purchases of these and their report on if they wasted their $ or not. I just can't bring myself to fall prey in the trap that has been set.

If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you've never tried.
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Some people don't have an issue paying more for a box that's only aged a few years. Especially someone just getting into the game and has no stock.
Sometimes I enjoy a young cigar with some mungrel. Picking out the nuances that will taste even better with age.
These days if there is an opportunity to take more of your hard earned money be it "hand picked", "aged" , "Vintage" , "Collectors connoisseur" "Plume" most times mold. They will take it, if you let them.

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