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Conversation Between SBjanderson and bMay
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  1. SBjanderson
    07-19-2017 05:30 PM - permalink
    Just replied back to you I think. Let me know if it didnt come through, Im still getting the hang of this site.
  2. bMay
    07-19-2017 04:05 PM - permalink
    check your private messages
  3. SBjanderson
    07-19-2017 01:00 PM - permalink
    Im interested in some stick that you are selling, I had a humidor that was stocked full of sticks I had beensaving for 6+ years. Unfortunetly it was stolen out of my home along with many other things 3 weeks ago. So I am on the prowl to get my collection back up and rolling.

    Seeing your sticks and the age on them got me very excited because I had been holding off on so many cigars that were aging and didnt get to smoke a single stick out of my aged stash!

    Maybe we can work a deal on the following stick?

    AF Maduro - 2
    Liga no9 Robusto - 2
    One of the Opus X's - not the $45 stick but one of the others. (I had one of the Perfecxions that was taken with my stock that I was super excited to try after it had aged but never had the chance, so I would love to have another opus in my collection)
    Also interested in the AF that is in the last picture you uploaded in the middle between the two other Fuentes.

    Let me know what we can do on the above sticks.

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