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Re: Who else goes 100% from the beginning?

Originally Posted by Herf N Turf View Post
If it's something I know I like and will stick with, I don't mind going a little apey. I like quality, but form must follow function. For example, I have no patience for St Dupont platinum lighters and solid gold Davidoff cutters. I like aesthetics as much as the next guy, but a hammer is only as good as it drives a nail. I have several very high-end, custom 1911 platform pistols. I shoot a lot, relative to most, so I use them. They aren't necessarily more accurate than a pistol costing half as much, but they'll be as accurate as they are for a lot longer.

I don't collect pipes, cigars, or tobacco. I like a variety of them around and just enough pipes to enjoy that variety as often as I smoke a pipe, which isn't very often. As such, I only have three and am very happy with that. If I smoked as much pipe, as I do cigars, it'd be a different story.

If you're new to it, budget is the key. Set a reasonable amount to spend each month and don't go over it. Re-adjust accordingly, after 6 months. After another analysis and re-adjust, don't go over that for two years. Now, if you're considering getting into carving pipes, I say go for it.
Excellent words of wisdom, Sir!!
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Brother Jacob
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Re: Who else goes 100% from the beginning?

I myself am guilty as charged when it comes to this subject. When I first started taking care of fish I did not get your typical 10 gallon start kit. I went all in on a 56 gallon column tank and immediately raised angelfish. Needless to say the tank went through some trial and errors before it became a nearly perfect bio system. Now it is very much the eye catcher of my living room and the freshwater angelfish in it are huge with mating a mating pair. Same thing with guitar, I immediately bought a Fender Strat and Gibson Studio, again through trial and error I learned though. Been playing for 7 years and still play every day. I'm not the best but I do my best. I don't see it as a flaw at all or even a bad thing. I say, if you're going to do something, give it 100% and learn all you can about it. It makes for being a jack of all trades.
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Re: Who else goes 100% from the beginning?

I started smoking cigars steady last May and I've already filled two humidors, a tupperdor, and I'm about to order a wine cooler to convert into a wineador. It really snuck up on me.
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Re: Who else goes 100% from the beginning?

Well said.

Originally Posted by Hermit View Post
Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
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Young Fish
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Re: Who else goes 100% from the beginning?

I did the same thing when I started smoking. I tried one pipe and one type of tobacco and ran with it from there. I also tried cigar smoking and spent WAY to much money one cigars I didn't even know I would hate.. Not smart.
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Re: Who else goes 100% from the beginning?

I get carried away with anything that interests me.

Gurkha is the main reason I have trust issues.
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Re: Who else goes 100% from the beginning?

I always roll hard like a M'erF'er - my friends and the rest of the world often have a hard time keeping up

I <3 Cigars
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Re: Who else goes 100% from the beginning?

As others have said, I am the same way. I'm about a week in and feel like I've taken a crash course in cigars. I've been reading tons online, got a few magazines read, blew through The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cigars in 2 days (and I'm a slow reader), watches two documentaries (Arturo Fuento and CAO), and been to the cigar shops 5 times since last Saturday (between 3 different shops). After seeing my friend's wineador last Thursday I've been reading up a lot on them and am very close to pulling the trigger on one. I have to say that Puff has been one of my best sources of information so far although the book was a good read for a beginning like me as well.
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Re: Who else goes 100% from the beginning?

I do...and it aggravates the mess out of me...and others at times!

Why I can't just "try something" is beyond me! I have, over the years, wasted so much money & time on stuff...sometimes junk, related to whatever new hobby I'm "enjoying" for the month or season. It's udderly ridiculous! It's even sad, really!

For me, it is a character flaw...hands down. For me, it's also a priority issue. I have a family with a wife and kids...of all ages. Sadly, at times, I spend more time diving into whatever said hobby than I do playing catch with my son, or watching a favorite show with one of my daughters, or teaching basic life principles to them! Don't get me wrong, I spend time with all of my family, and sometimes often...but could it be more, yes! So, that for me makes this aggravating!

Next, I'll see something that interests me...and I think I have to get everything and read everything before enjoying whatever it is. Some examples:

Rolling my own cigars, I've always been interested in the subject and one day, a few months back I decided to finally attempt it. I now have a TON of cigar leaf, a chaveta, this...that, that over there...oh, and this thingy too...all that I felt was required to roll like an old Cuban. LOL! Now, I've rolled some cigars finally...once I also moved furniture around in my shop to set up a rolling station. But, I have to say that I am now not enjoying it as much as I had hoped or thought...yet I'm out several hundreds of dollars...when here at my home, we don't have that to spare! It's sad, yet some may even ridicule me for such, that's OK...it is true! Thus, a character flaw...for me.

I could go on and on about hobbies that I dove well into...but have failed in some way. Metal detecting, or here's a real expensive one: Amateur Radio (HAM), wood working, high dollar audio equipment and headphones...and amps for those headphones, then equipment for all formats...an audiophile, LOL! I could continue, but I won't...the point is that I have wasted so much of my life, my time and resources for things that in the end, for me...sit on a shelf unused or touched! That is the sad part for me.

At least I enjoy my pipe and cigars...at least for now. The stuff sat there for about 2.5 years, untouched as I didn't care for smoking since I dipped Copenhagen every minute, until I finally quit that nasty habit!

In short...it's all about what we see in ourselves that is good, or not so good. I obviously still need to work on some priorities...and that's OK to me in the end, because its what makes me who I am!

GREAT thread @mo985, you've added something quiet interested to Puff...so some RG for you as soon as it'll let me!

Others, you wrote some good stuff too!

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www. cigar bum .com
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Re: Who else goes 100% from the beginning?

I think the tendency to go "whole hog" into new pursuits is the sign of an active mind and imagination. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

I have a slightly different angle though - my inner cheapskate must be appeased. I've always been a common wage slave, albeit a professional one, so I'm not in survival mode. But money is a limitation, and so is time for that matter. Therefore...

Into firearms, so I keep my arsenal to a minimum and only shoot what I reload/handload.

Into cigars and pipes, so I got into rolling my own, and experimenting with homemade pipe baccy (initially as a way to make good use of cigar rolling scraps; somking some cigar scrap flake as I type).

Working on perfecting my BBQ - great cheap meals & entertaining.

Haven't got into homebrewing but wouldn't be surprised if that happens in the future.

If money and time weren't constrained, I'd probably be restoring an antique yacht or recreating King Tut's tomb in the Arizona desert
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